Sunday, July 22, 2012

Who Are You Really?

I figure I should probably introduce myself. (Why does this feel like one of those online dating sites?)

As I sit here wondering where to start, the song I Love, by Tom T. Hall comes to my mind. I could write my own version of the song, listing all the things I love, but maybe I will save that for another post, another time. (Something to look forward to!)

I grew up in a small valley town on the western slope of Colorado. Due to growing up here, I enjoy camping, the mountains, and hiking.

Molly and I hiking Needle Rock

Who is a person without their family?

Anna, Ali, Sandy, Scott, Me, Molly

In 2006 my dad married my step-mom, giving me an amazing model of a mother and two more sisters. Dad often jokes about having to go out into the shop, and putting his hand in a vice grip and hitting it with a hammer. Dealing with all these females can be rough. Thankfully for him, he now has some company. Anna is the proud mother of two very handsome boys, making the rest of us proud aunts!
Trey (7 months) and Marcus (4)

Along with spending time with family, I enjoy doing whatever makes me happy when I can. Being with people makes me happy and will often get lonely before I will get bored.

August through May I am in a fourth grade classroom doing my best to shape the young minds of the future. June and July are spent catching up on books and planning for the upcoming year. Teachers are always thinking and planning.

My hope is that you will get to know more about me through my blog.

Until next time!