Wednesday, February 25, 2015

They're Excited, I'm Excited, We're All Excited

Again I have found myself with something every night it seems lately and my poor blog has taken a hit! I was pretty excited when I found myself some time and something to write about!

Recently a former student has been asking me if I was going to participate in the 2015 Slice of Life Challenge. I did it last year along with four girls and enjoyed the project. I wasn't sure if it was something I wanted to do this year since I can't seem to keep my head above water and didn't want to add one more thing. She brought it up again, so I thought I would throw it out to my class this year and see what would happen. I had one little girl in mind who I thought would love this project. And let's face it, sometimes we do things for that one student.

14 students!

So I guess we are doing it! They wanted to start today, and I told them they could, but the official challenge starts on the first. It was great to see their excitement!

I too am going to participate. I don't think I will do so at Two Writing Teachers and through my blog, because I am just afraid it will be too stressful to have that kind of commitment. I can write easier in a notebook that I can carry with me. Plus I am afraid that I won't have very interesting things to slice about for a whole month. Excuses I know.
The checklist has been made. The notebooks have been decorated and now Ms.Wilson needs to buy some prizes. Fourteen prizes to be given three times during the month might be a challenge! If you have any ideas for prizes, let me know!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Celebrating Scott Wilson

Happy Saturday! So glad to celebrate with Ruth Ayres and friends this week.

Today I celebrate this guy:
Today is his birthday! Many years ago a little red headed boy was born and everyone who walked by said, "Oh look at the little red headed baby on Valentine's Day!" (I have to tell that story every year in honor of my grandmother.)

I celebrate the man who:
Sends silly pictures to make you feel better,
Listens all year and showers you with gifts.
Remembers every tree he stood under.
Knows all the good places to take a drive.
Taught us how to camp and enjoy eating in the great outdoors.
 Helped me move into my very first house and then explore the beauty around.
Loves his family.

Happy birthday Scotti! I love you to the more than mashed potatoes.


Thursday, February 12, 2015

When Fathers Get to Pick

YES! I have NOTHING planned tonight! I can do whatever I want, and what I want is to sit and write a blog!

Today we had our Valentine's Day party at school, and there was excitement everywhere. I was handing out pieces of tape to students to hang up their envelopes when one little girl in line says,
"I don't want to hand out my Valentines."
"Why not?"
"Their stupid."
"What do you mean? What are they?"
"Hello Kitty," she answered with a wrinkle of her nose.
"Why did you pick them out if you didn't like them?"
"It isn't my fault! It's my dad's! He picked them out!"
I couldn't help but giggle. This little girl is not a Hello Kitty kind of girl. I then told her the story of my dad picking out my first pair of glasses.

When I was in the third grade I started the eight year process of braces and the life long journey of glasses. The world should have felt sorry for me for sure! I still remember both doctors appointments to begin the process of getting braces and getting glasses. For some reason my dad was the one who picked out my first pair of glasses. Now keep in mind that it was the late 80's/early 90's, but dad came home with clear plastic frames with colorful confetti and hot pink temples.
I don't have a picture of the actual pair, but these are very similar. You will at least get the idea.
I think that I liked them at the time, but looking back now, they were horrible!

This story makes me smile, because I can imagine my dad and this young girl's dad standing in front of many different options fretting about picking out the right one. They wanted to please their little girls. like all good fathers do.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

SOL #6 ~ Random Ramblings

Hello! It feels like it has been forever since I blogged. It has only been a week, but it has been a long week with something every day/night! I helped out with brain bowl practice and competition, went on a walk with a friend, baby sat for a friend, played cards and had dinner with a friend, shared some chicken with another friend, and just been blessed in general with spending time with those I love.

Share your slice and read others
at Two Writing Teachers
This week isn't as crazy, but do have a lot on the calendar. Thankfully SOL fell on the Tuesday that I don't have anything! I graded papers with Kris and then we went and celebrated Taco Tuesday (even though Kris seems to refuse to actually eat tacos on Taco Tuesday) and now I am sitting on the couch watching the last half of the Grammy Awards that I just couldn't stay awake for on Sunday night.

Well, I thought I had more to say, but I think that's all I have. Plus I have four sets of tests to grade, so I better get busy. I hope that you aren't having too crazy of week and can enjoy some time just to be.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

SOL #5 ~ Helping Others

Read other's SOLs at Two Writing Teachers
Sometimes life isn't very nice. Sometimes life is the mean kid on the playground that sits and waits for you to come by.

Sometimes life can be very nice. Sometimes life can be the kid who comes along on the playground and helps you after the mean kid leaves. Or better yet, life is the kid who comes along on the playground and stops the mean kid in his tracks.

We all go through times when life is stressful and tough. So what do we do?

We change what we can.
I know that I am not the only one who sometimes gets beat up by the kid on the playground. I also know that I can be the kid who comes along afterwards and may even be able to prevent some beatings.

My motives are pure with the hopes of uplifting myself. You can't help but help yourself when you help others.

Will you join me this week to help bring a bright spot to the lives of others?

Monday, February 2, 2015

Monday Memorandum

Memorandum. How do you like that word? Just learned it today. I am thinking that this is where the word "memo" comes from.

Anyway, lots to say today. I guess I whined and complained enough about having a topic to blog about that my friend, Cassie, sent me to this really cool place for some writing prompts.  My goal for the month is to write at least something for all of these prompts. Today's prompt is this:

Groundhog Day! Did you see your shadow when you walked outside this morning?

I did not. I didn't go for a walk this morning outside. Instead I was inside in front of my computer watching the ALA Youth Media Awards and anxiously awaiting the announcement of the 2015 Newbery Award. The winner was:
I have not read this one yet. I have only seen it on the Internet, and didn't know anything about it until today. I was planning on reading the winner to my class, but am not sure if this one will be a good one for them or not. I read the sample on Amazon and am not sure. I am hoping to get my hands on a copy and then decided.

Today we had an inservice at school, which as most educators can say, can go either way. Between "meetings" we were to report to the office. There our boss handed us some balls and a Nerf gun. We played a game based on capture the flag and had a BLAST! My team teacher and I didn't end up with any balls, which meant we were losers, but we sure had fun playing! I feel as if we need to play this game at least twice a month from here on out!

Back to the original prompt. Since I was busy getting my book nerdiness on, I didn't walk outside, so I decided to do so tonight.
I have a small head and long legs! I would have walked longer, but it was very foul-smelling out. I don't do well with stink.

How was your Monday? 

Sunday, February 1, 2015

February 2015 TBR

February?! Weren't we just celebrating the start of January?

I didn't get as much read in January as I would have liked. I was able to finish three books and am working on both of my 2015 reading challenges.

Looking forward to these books:
Still working on this one! I am enjoying Stephen King's writing style immensely!
 I joined a second book club with my sister and this is the current read.
My middle grade level book. I hope it is one I can share with my students.
This little gem should be in my mailbox on Monday! I can't wait! I met my workout goal last week and this is my reward. I love Sharon Creech. I better finish some other books so I can read this one!

What are you hoping to read this month? Any sappy romances to go with the holiday?