Saturday, February 14, 2015

Celebrating Scott Wilson

Happy Saturday! So glad to celebrate with Ruth Ayres and friends this week.

Today I celebrate this guy:
Today is his birthday! Many years ago a little red headed boy was born and everyone who walked by said, "Oh look at the little red headed baby on Valentine's Day!" (I have to tell that story every year in honor of my grandmother.)

I celebrate the man who:
Sends silly pictures to make you feel better,
Listens all year and showers you with gifts.
Remembers every tree he stood under.
Knows all the good places to take a drive.
Taught us how to camp and enjoy eating in the great outdoors.
 Helped me move into my very first house and then explore the beauty around.
Loves his family.

Happy birthday Scotti! I love you to the more than mashed potatoes.



  1. I don't know him, but your post made me smile. It's full of love and warmth.

  2. I'll send a birthday wish, too. It seems that you're lucky to have Scotti in your life.

  3. A lovely post on a loved-filled day!