Friday, April 11, 2014

*Heart Flutter* Letters

Dear Knowledge Bound, you are filled with endless inspiration and dreams. Thank you for your new words, resources and Peanuts lesson plan book. I can't wait to get started on planning for next year. Also, thanks for having the coolest pens every, even though I don't need one. more. pen.

Dear Shutts Family, using your Netflix account made my day and kept me from losing it on a windy day. One and a half disc of Elliot down, a thousand more to go.

Dear Scotti, three months without seeing you is way too long. Tell Kansas that I want you back and Oklahoma can't have you.

Dear Kitchen, You are squeaky clean, newly organized and ready for some adventure. This may just be me finding my way around you, but I am willing to give it a go, if you are.

Dear Bedroom, I woke up this morning wondering if you really were new and improved. I am one lucky girl!

Dear Dawnelle, I honestly could not have done it without you. You have given me an amazing gift and I am very thankful. Let me know when you want to tackle the rest of the house.

Dear Keason, I am sorry that you didn't find Narnia. Keep trying.

Dear Wyoming, I may be coming to visit, but that doesn't mean that I like you. You better bring your A game.

Back In Time

"If I could go back in time..."

I have been thinking of this FTSF for some time now and what I was going to do with it. I had many different ideas, but it seemed that I always came back to one certain topic. I was set to write about it, but as I sit here looking at the screen, my body is freaking out. I apparently have some anxiety on the issue that I wasn't aware of. 

I don't have any regrets in life. I feel that everything in life happens for a reason and they shape you into what you are now, good or bad. I have things that I wish were different, but not regrets.

My sophomore year of college I met a guy. He knocked on the door to my dorm room one morning and it was all down hill from there. I am not thinking I am going to share much of our story here, but it had it's ups and downs. It probably had more downs then ups. 

This was my first experience with what I thought could have been a fairy tale ending, but I was lacking in knowledge and experience. I made a lot of mistakes and caused myself (and probably him) a lot of pain.

Our story ended almost nine years ago. It ended with lessons learned, wounds that would eventually become scars that would remind us both of our journey, but it didn't end with regrets.

If I could go back in time, I would go back to our story. I would write it differently. I wouldn't write it to where Prince Charming rides off with Sleeping Beauty, but I would rewrite it to where I wouldn't have spent so much of my time, energy and being on our relationship. I often wonder what I missed out on while being so enthralled in this story that I wanted so badly. What story did I keep him from? I know that I missed out on times with my friends because I was crying in my room, refusing to go out. Or spent more time worrying about what was going on with him instead of studying or preparing for class. There is so much more that I can't even fathom that I could have missed out on.

I will never get these chances back to see what I missed, but I do keep this story in mind as I write current stories. How do I want these stories to go? Will I look back ten years from now and be happy with the way I wrote my side of the story?

I wouldn't change our story for anything, and now look at my scars with fondness and strength.

What would you do if you could go back in time?

SOL Spotlight 4

And finally, our final slice showcase! This one made me giggle knowing the family and how things go down at home sometimes.

As I stated before, I felt that this project was a success. I hope to do the same thing again next March.

Big thanks to the girls. I will post about our party once it happens.

Monday, March 3
Today was the first school day my Grandma was watching my siblings and me.When we woke up we didn't watch t.v. for 30 minutes like normal. When my mom would be at home in the morning she let us watch t.v for 30 minutes every morning. Today instead we got ready and watched t.v. at the same time. With this I was able to be ready for school without rushing to the car without shoes on.

SOL Spotlight 3

Welcome back for the third SOL showcase! You can read one and two if you missed them.

One reason I liked this project is that I got to know the girls a little better through their writing. This was a peak into the world that I don't normally get to see. Rarely did they write about school and what happened their.

Here is another peak into this slicers life:

March 22, 2014

Wizard of Oz
I watched Wizard of Oz today for the first time. It loved it so much. I loved Tinman, Lion, Scarecrow, Dorthy and Toto. The wicked witch of the west was a little scary. I liked the munchkins in Munchkin land. The nice which was so pretty. I would rate this 4 1/2 stars our of 5 stars.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

SOL Spotlight 2

Here is the second installment of SOL Spotlight! If you missed number one, you can read that here.

I told the girls that there were no rules, they just had to write about something every day of the month. Through this process, one of the girls discovered that she preferred poetry. Here is her favorite slice.

March 27th
Swim! Swim!
black! orange! blue!
Water! Water!
Gills! Gills!
fins! fins!
Swim! Swim!

SOL Spotlight 1

During March, I participated in the Slice of Life Classroom Challenge with a few of my students. I had four girls finish the whole month with me and promptly roll on into April (even with knowing that there wouldn't be any prizes this time.)

I was very pleased with the way it turned out and was even told by their parents at conferences that they too enjoyed the project and reading their child's writing. The girls were always excited each morning to get their stickers and read over each other's writing. Success!

I asked each girl to pick their favorite slice and this week I am going to share with you a little slice of their lives. I have changed names to protect the innocent. Also, I have written it EXACTLY as they have written their slice. There were no rules or demands. I did ask them to look over it before they gave it to me, but there may be some mistakes, some of which I will face palm myself because I know I taught them that, but remind myself that this was not the objective of the project. 

I hope that you enjoy these slices as much as I did.

March 5, 2004

When I was watching full house it made me laugh. It made me laugh because Michelle was pretending to be a boy. It was also funny [because] Michelle was working out with Jesse. She had mini weights and had a leotard on. Then when she was done she showed her "muscles." Michelle is my favorite on full house. Full house is also my favorite show.