Friday, February 28, 2014

February Sweet Summer Fling Update

February is over....already. For such a short month, it really was a long one. March could fly by since it will be a very busy one. Hopefully it isn't too busy to get some reading completed.

Here is my Sweet Summer Fling 2014 recap.
I only got two books crossed off of my list, which is one less then I calculated to finish in time.
I wanted to adore this book since I adore Anne, but it was hard to get through. There were parts that I liked and where Anne shined through. This makes me worried about the last two of the series, but I will read them.
This is the third book of Meg Cabot's "Boy" series. I like these books because they are written in email, letters, notes, and IM messages. It makes for a quick read and since I too like to write these myself, I enjoy it. This one was also a little harder to get through. Predictable and but by the end, the boy gets the girl and we learn that every boy has a heart somewhere.

I did get a few children's books in and truth be told, I enjoyed them more. I also read a book for book club.
Book club choice
3 stars
Newest Newbery Medal winner
4 stars
2 stars
4 stars

What did you read this month?

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Remember How I Teach Grammar?

Remember the time that I participated for the first time in Slice of Life?
Remember how it was about my grandmother and the fun drink that she made me growing up?
And remember the glaring grammar mistake that I made?

Yeah, the one that I am known for correcting students for whenever they use it wrong.
The one that just this last Sunday the Sunday Morning Show on CBS talked about.
The one that I teach the students every year.
The one that my grandmother taught me and made sure I used correctly.

I am talking about the rule for using "I" and "me" correctly in a sentence.

Yes, somehow I used them incorrectly. My sentence was, "she made them for my sister and I." It clearly is supposed to be "me."

I was horrified this morning when I checked my email and had a message from a dear friend pointing out this mistake. Not only am I a teacher and I know better, there were several teachers/writers that read my last post and I am sure where thinking what kind of a teacher I must be since I so easily messed that one up. I quickly changed it.

Then laughed about it with Kris, my team teacher, until tears rolled down my cheeks. 

So, if you read my post yesterday, go back and read it again and see that it is now correct. Now that's not to say that there are other mistakes, but this one embarrassed me the most! ;0)

P.S Don't look at commas!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Orange Fizz and Bendy Straws

This morning while I was rushing to get out the door, I frantically was looking for a straw to help me drink my smoothie in the car on the way to work. I found not only a straw, but a bendy straw!

Why is this exciting? Because we also have ice, orange juice and Sprite! I can make Orange Fizz!

When I was younger this was a treat that my grandmother made for my sister and me. We would sit out on the porch and sip our Orange Fizz through a bendy straw. I loved these times with her.

It has been a long time since I have made Orange Fizz, but look forward to my next one!

This is my first attempt at Slice of Life from Two Writing Teachers. I hope that I did it "right" since I am unofficially doing the March Slice of Life Challenge with a few of my students starting on Saturday. They seem pretty excited, so even if I am not doing it right, we will at least get something out of it!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Thinking Out Loud on Sunday

I had big plans for Saturday and big plans for a blog post to follow. My body had different plans, so you get this random post on Sunday!

My friend, Cassie over at Rural Running Redhead, participated in Thinking Out Loud on Thursday and  missed that boat, so I am going to do it today. Random thoughts? Yes please.

Yesterday I was going to have a movie-a-thon and it ended up only being one movie. Now I can say I have seen it, I didn't pay to watch it and now I don't ever have to watch it again.


Since I slept most of the day yesterday, I was awake at 4:00 this morning. I decided to finish up this book for book club. I was actually able to figure out who the bad guy was before it was revealed! That rarely happens. I then started my next book for the Sweet Summer Fling.

This morning the ground was covered in snow, but later this afternoon it was all gone. So we went to get more firewood and get some fresh air.

It has been years since I have hauled firewood. It made me think of my family and my time growing up. We would cut our own firewood each summer/fall and it was a family affair. Dad would cut the trees down and then cut it into pieces that my sister, my mom and I could handle. It was our job to take it to the truck and put it in the back. Then we would all unload at the house.

I remember one time more than others. Mom was in the Jeep reading Let Me Call You Sweetheart by Mary Higgins Clark and Molly and I were on a grasshopper killing spree while quoting the movie Major League II.
We laughed and laughed!

Now I am watching Pitch Perfect for the unmentionable amount of times avoiding grading papers. Might be aka-awkward tomorrow when my students ask me if I graded their tests.

Well, I think that's it.

What did you do this weekend that is randomly worth mentioning?

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I Want to Be THAT Kind of Teacher

As a teacher I often wonder if I was ever THAT kid. The one who won't stop talking. Who once the teacher says something, they always have a story or their mom/dad/aunt/uncle whoever also experienced the same thing. The one who just comes up and tells the teacher something so random and that has nothing to do with what is being talked about in class and on top of that they want to share when it is the most inconvenient time possible.

I think I probably was THAT kid.

That would be me!
Yet one teacher I had never made me feel like THAT kid. She made me think/feel that I was the most important person in the room at that moment. She gave me her full attention when I wanted to talk. I still remember when I got to be the line leader on the way to lunch, we got to have our own special conversation.

I am not very good at being THAT teacher. I want to be like Mrs. Hodges and give my students my full attention when they are trying to tell me a story. I want them to think that at the moment they are the most important thing in my life. This is something that I want to work on.

What brings on these thoughts on this random Wednesday? Well, I had a crap day. I didn't show any of my students today that I cared about them. I didn't give any student special attention. I failed at even coming close to being the teacher that I always vowed I would be.

It wasn't until reading that my attitude started to change. I pulled out a group's novel study book and handed them James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl. I then told them the back story of the book that was now in their hands.

When I was in first grade, Mrs. Hodges read to us every day during our milk time in the afternoon. I remember every book that she read to us (another reason I think read aloud is so important) and one of the books she read us was James and the Giant Peach. I learned later in life that this is one of her favorite books.

By telling my small group of students the story from so long ago, all the thoughts and feelings from that time given to me from Mrs. Hodges came rushing back and calmed me down, changing my attitude.

I don't want to be like Aunt Sponge and Aunt Spiker (although truth be told, some days I am more like them then I care to admit!) I want to be like Ms. Honey (from Roald Dahl's Matilda), but most of all, I want to be like Mrs. Hodges.

Do you have a teacher that has influenced you and still does to this day?

TTT~ Top Ten Reasons I Love Being A Blogger/Reader

Teacher: I would like you to make a list of ten topics you would like to write about.
Student: But what if we can't come up with ten?
Teacher: Just try your best.

I have had this conversation with students. With this weeks Top Ten Tuesday, I feel like that student.  At first I only came up with three to go with the topic, but I am hoping that a few more will come to me as I write. So here we go!
Brought to you by The Broke and the Bookish
Top Ten Reasons I Love Being A Blogger/Reader

I can get my thoughts out of this crazy mind of mine. 

I keep a  journal, but blogging is just a smidgen more fun. Plus it always me to share my thoughts with others if I want to.

Learn new things

Blogs are a wealth of information. I learn about new books, how a parent of a special needs parent feels at the meetings with schools, how to set up my blog and so much more.

"Meet" new people

I have come in contact with people all over the U.S and even some in other countries. Some of them are become very dear to me and support me in many areas of my life. 

Keep tabs on some of my friends

How sad is this?! I have two friends that this is about the only way I know what is going on in their lives...and we live in the same town!


I think what I like the most about being a reader is that I get inspired. I get inspired to craft, write, love on others and try new things in the classroom.

Practice my writing

Along with getting my thoughts out, it gives me a chance to practice my writing. I would like to  be a better writer and the only way I really know how to do that would be to write. 

Well folks, that's the best I can do. I came up with three more than I originally came up with so I call that a success.

What do you like about being a blogger/reader?

Monday, February 17, 2014

Sunrise, Sleeping and Suds

No Monday Morning Blues for this teacher today! We got President's Day off (which I never got as a kid) and I am taking full advantage of the day.

Yesterday was a slightly hectic day here. I started the day out watching the sunrise.

My next house will have east facing windows! I loved this moment about my day. Only thing that would have made it better would have been a fire in the fire place.

Next, I got to rock this sweet little one to sleep while singing "Beauty and the Beast" to her.

At this point you are wondering what has been so hectic about my day. Well that is next.

The dogs felt that they were going to be hawk hunters yesterday and took off after one into the pond and the burr bushes. This meant that a bath and possible hair cut were in their futures. You can read about my last adventure with this pond here.

After I allowed them to dry off on their own for a little bit, we cleaned up Oscar (the little dog) and that wasn't too bad, but then when I went to clean up Hobbs (the big dog) he smelled like gasoline. Where in the world did he drench himself in gas?

So that meant another bath. It was harder to get him into the tub and took two of us, but in he went. He was not a happy dog, but he stood there and let me wash him with Dawn, but as soon as I was finished, he was out of there!

After he dried a little bit, I realized that Dawn did not work (maybe it is only good with oil spill animals, not gas animals.) I tried to find some info on-line and it was time for bath number two for Hobbs, this time using laundry soap.

He was even more unhappy now.

Yes, he has his nose in the corner so he doesn't have to look at me.
Thankfully this worked a little bit, but not completely. It helped enough that he could be in the house and not gas us out. I have a few other ideas that I am going to try, and try not to make him go back into the tub again. If  make him go into the tub again we might not have a relationship anymore.

Now I sit on this glorious Monday afternoon looking at the giant stack of papers sitting next to me and wondering if I should be responsible or not. What I want to do is go and finish this book so  can be finished with it and move on to something a little more exciting and less whiny, sorry Meg Cabot.

Did you get today off? What are you doing with it?

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Saturday Scribbles

I love lazy slow Saturday mornings. Do I have lots to do? Yes. Do I have a time frame? Yes. Am I in a hurry? Not at all.

Today starts my three week long house sitting gig at The Ranch. I will be living with two furry guys who like to cuddle and go on long walks. I am one lucky girl!

Yesterday, as everyone knows, was Valentine's Day and I enjoyed myself. I was showered by love from my students and can't wait to read all the cards that they gave me. I even got some from students that aren't in my class. The best part of the day was when the Voices from the high school came to deliver singing Valentine's to some of our students, they decided to do an impromptu song for Kris and I! I LOVED IT!! They did such a good job! I bought myself the album that has this song on it for my gift for Valentine's Day. Again, one lucky girl!

Yesterday was also my monthly RAOK day. This month it was a tad easier since it fell on Valentine's day and there are lots of ideas for such a holiday to do for people. More on this to come when I can get my pictures rounded up.

Ok, I have procrastinated enough. Maybe tonight  can get my RAOK post up and running.

Happy Saturday adventurous ones!

What is your favorite type of Saturday morning?

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine Baby

On Valentine's Day, Michael Scott was born in Delta, Colorado to R.D and Lucille Wilson. He was born with bright red hair and everyone who passed by exclaimed,

"Oh look at the little red head! And on Valentine's Day!"

My grandmother told this story every year. She is no longer here to share this story, but I have taken it upon myself to continue her tradition. I tell this story every year, to whoever will listen.

Happy birthday Scotti and I love you more than mashed potatoes.

The picture I got when  asked him to send me a picture
for my his contact picture in my cell phone.

With his great nephew, Cole Brance, who looks
a lot like my dad did when he was younger.
I can't wait to see him with my kids.

Father's Day 2013
Camp Wilson

With Santa on the Georgetown Train Christmas 2013
Most people take their children, we took our dad!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

TTT~ Books That Make You Swoon

Brought to you by Bookish

Or a day late. Or six instead of ten. It is just that kind of week!
 I have been waiting for this topic since I discovered TTT.

Books that make me act like these girls and swoon when I read them...

Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery
Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers
Dear John by Nicholas Sparks
The Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon
The Princess Bride by William Goldman
The Cheney Duvall M.D Series by Lynn and Gilbert Morris

And since I want to round the list out to ten, I am going to add four movies that have the same effect.

Beauty and the Beast
Return to Me
While You Were Sleeping
Robin Hood (the one with Kevin in it, but the Disney fox has the same effect on me also.)

What books make you swoon? If you don't have a book, do you have a movie that makes you swoon?

Friday, February 7, 2014

*Heart Flutters* in the Midst of Freezing Temps

It has been miserably cold this week and we have been inside all week. Hopefully next week will be warmer and we can at least go outside for recess.

Here are a few things from this week that made my *heart flutter*

One of my friend's dear sweet daughter came and brought this to me this morning. I saw that she had been painting with her grandma recently, but had no idea that she was painting for me! My favorite little guy on a cute little canvas. I have it proudly displayed in my classroom!

One of our maintenance men at school always has a good attitude and he makes me smile. He is often whistling as he goes along. One time I was leaving school and he was working in one of the bathrooms and whistling away. The tune sounded familiar and it took me a moment, but I realized he was whistling AC/DC! How cool is that?! Anyway, today when I was leaving I ran into him and asked him how he was doing and his response was, "Better than some people."

I don't know why, but I love it when he responds this way. He knows that there are people who have it worse than whatever could have possibly gone wrong for him that day. I try to have this attitude. It can always be worse.

I got a sweet email from Kerith over at Brielle and Me. It amazes me how you can really connect with someone that you have never met or spoken to. Kerith lives in Georgia and I "met" her through a blogging group that I don't even know how I found anymore and I now truly consider her my friend. I hope to meet her and her family that I have read so much about some day. Also, she is about to release a book she wrote and I. CAN'T. WAIT. TO. READ. IT!

Here is a blip from one of the emails we exchanged this week:

"I hear ya. Sending hugs and wishing we could split a bottle of wine...or two...or...."

Wine, my kind of girl!

Friday Breakfast Burritos with my sassy teaching partner, Kris. Every week we reward ourselves for making it through another week with a breakfast burrito and a frappuccino  from the local gas station. This makes us super happy!
I promise we don't dress the same on purpose, it just happens...often.

And finally, today I finished renewing my teaching license and I swear they want your first born child. By the end I was a little frustrated and irritated at the whole process. So when my students came into the room from P.E/Music I told them that they better appreciate me since I had to go through so much to be their teacher (all in my fake angry voice.) I then went on to tell them what I was doing and why. One boy (who has been known to be a little wild and crazy) looked at me and asked,
"Is there anything we can do to help you?" It just came at the perfect time and reminded me why I was renewing my license in the first place.
How has your week been? What has gotten you through?

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

TTT~ Books That Make Me Cry

Brought to you by Bookish

Yea! A Tuesday that I want to participate in! It is a super cold and windy Tuesday but I am cuddled up on the couch under a blanket.

Do you like sad books or do you stay away from them? I tend to stay away from them, but have read a few that have stuck with me and made me reach for the tissue. Here are ten books that have made me cry:

I read this book to my students every year and every year I cry. A lot. I was even crying when my principal made a walk through. Every year my past students ask me if I am still reading it to my class and if I still cry. Always.

Pretty sure that I started crying in chapter two and didn't stop until the end. I would read a chapter cry like I had never cried before, go and calm down (cleaning or something) then go and pick the book up again and start all over again. I have never felt the way I felt with this book with any other book before. I felt as if the character's pain was my pain. I even wrote Karen Kingsbury a letter telling her how well she did her job!

Ok really, any book with a dog on the cover ends up being sad.

I can't remember if I fully cried on this one or not, but I know I sure wanted to. Every teacher should read this book and no child should ever have to endure this.

If you have seen the movie and cried, multiply it by three and you have the book!

This book started my love for Charles Martin. 

After my step-mom passed away, I decided to only read children's books  because they were safe. I was wrong. 

Again, if you saw the movie, book was the same. I didn't think I was going to cry since I knew the ending, nope, wrong again.

I knew nothing about this book other than it was the second one to The Notebook (which I didn't like.) I don't even know why I cried, I just did. I couldn't really relate to what happened to the characters. It is a mystery.

What book(s) makes you cry?