Monday, July 10, 2017

Thoughts on Cleaning

A few thoughts on cleaning house:

I don't like it. I am not good at it. My dear sweet OMM, wrote in her bio on her blog that she would choose reading over cleaning. Another reason she was my Other Mom Marilyn. I would rather be reading my book instead of cleaning. In fact, I had to bribe myself to clean the bathroom with reading. 

I spent twenty minutes deep cleaning the thunder box. Really, twenty minutes? No one told you growing up that you were going to take twenty minutes out of your day cleaning the loo. I also thought that no one ever cleans outhouses in the woods. (Thanks to Roto Rooter for having a blog with 101 different names for the toilet!)

While cleaning the sink, I thought of my grandmother. I think of her every time I clean the sink. I remember her teaching me how to polish the faucet and make it shine. One of the many lesson she taught me while growing up.

I also feel like I deserve a taco for all this cleaning nonsense!