Sunday, June 30, 2013

Big City Adventures

Truman and Wellington


Word has gotten out that I am not too shabby at house/animal sitting, and I have once again been asked to partake on another adventure. This time I only have two dogs to take care of, Wellington and Truman, and I find myself in the big town of Fort Morgan!

I have known Wellington for seven years now and we have a somewhat rocky relationship. On some occasions when I see him, he loves me and plows me over to get some lovin. Then other times, he tells me that I am not allowed at his house and I need to leave. This has caused some anxiety on my part.

Have no fear, thanks to a bag of treats and Truman liking me, we have not had any issues since the first day I was here!

They both are very well trained dogs (Truman is still learning, but in my opinion he is a fast learner.)  This is a picture of them waiting outside the back door for permission to enter into the house.

I have spent my time here cuddled up with Truman while catching up on my Netflix movies and reading. I decided this morning that I like puppy snores, they make my *heart flutter*

A few perks of being in Fort Morgan:
  •  Café Lotus is just around the corner
  •  The movie theater is a few blocks away
  •  I could have a pizza delivered if I wanted too

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Don't Ya Feeling Cryin'?

Titan Ted is sick and I am in the depths of despair. To get everything fixed that needs fixed it will cost around $1500 and a trip to a Honda dealership. So not a *heart flutter* The worst part is trying to figure out how to go about getting it fixed (if I choose to fix it) and where to get the money.

Kind of how I feel....
So needless to say, I am not in the best of moods today. To add to it, I was looking forward to sitting down and getting lost in Law & Order: SVU on my sister's instant Netflix, and they don't have the season I am on! Just a minor inconvenience I suppose.

Although, on a positive note, I went on a walk today! My new kindred spirit, Cassie has slightly inspired me to get up and move. Although it is not in my goal bank to run, I enjoy the walking. I read (on Pintrest I think) that it doesn't matter if it is a seven minute mile or a seventeen minute mile, it is still a mile. The rat dogs and I did a mile and a half in about 27 minutes! I was pretty excited about that, but wished I had gotten up earlier to partake in such an adventure. We walked around Belmar Park and the dogs did really well. Bailey was nice to all that passed by (she can be a little mouthy.)

So now here I sit on the couch with said Rat Dogs getting ready to watch "Woman on Top" and try to forget about my ailing Titan Ted for the time being. As Sandy always used to say, "At least no one has cancer."

Here's to a better Wednesday afternoon!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Mill Street Deli

I am at it again! I experienced yet another new restaurant! This time I found myself in Morrison, Colorado with my dad. We parked at one end of town and walked until we found a place that we wanted to eat. The Mill Street Deli looked inviting so we went in. As the name suggests, it was a deli with lots of burgers and sandwiches to choose. Both Dad and I got the Dakota burger, with pepper jack cheese, mushrooms, onions, and bacon. Now I know what my heart was thinking, but my stomach won that argument! Plus to top it off, I had tator tots!

We had a few options of where to sit and we picked outside (thankfully it wasn't too warm) next to a little ditch/creek. A few kids were playing in the water while their mom's sat and chatted. I loved listening to the water trickle by and the humming birds buzz around.

I loved the gate and the climbing vines.
What I saw when I looked down from my seat.


Alternative to bathroom graffiti. Just put a chalkboard in there and let them draw away!
When we were finished eating we headed up to Lair o' the Bear since I seem to be the only one in my family who had never been there. I was wondering why we don't take advantage of places like this more often! I would like to go back and do a little bit of hiking. Tonight we just sat by the river and enjoyed. I of course had to stick my feet in the water and take full advantage of my Chacos!

What is one of your favorite places to go and just be?

Father's Day 2013 Camp Wilson

For Father's Day this year we "surprised" Dad with a trip to the hills. The plan was to leave Hotchkiss in time to see the sun come up, buuuuuut that didn't happen. Partly due to the fact that the store didn't open until six A.M and we needed to get groceries and partly due to the fact that that is just really early! We were actually up and ready  to go before dad was and we had to go in and wake him up! First. Time. Ever!

We ended up at a place that I have dubbed Camp Wilson. We have camped there in the past including the last family camping trip we took. Many places where we camp have names (The Corals, Wade's Place, Poison Park) and this one didn't have a name, so I named it.

When we first arrived, we set up the fire pit and got it going. Then promptly found a seat around it and waited for the water to boil for chai. Could it get much better than that?! We were sprinkled on off and on (seemed like every time I got my book out, it would start to rain.) and we each took a nap (or two) at some point during our time there.

Each of our country roots were watered and it was hard to leave and head back to the Eastern Slope. It was an amazing way to spend the morning celebrating the man who taught us how to enjoy the mountains and how amazing it is to just sit and be.

I love you Scottie!


Monday, June 24, 2013

New Challenge

I came up with a brilliant plan! Lately I have been wanting to try new things, including restaurants. This weekend while traveling to the Western Slope my sister and I tried a pizza place in Glenwood Springs called Russo's Pizza. It took us awhile to find the place due to the fact that I am not too great with directions, but it was well worth the long route.

I fell in love with the décor of the restaurant instantly! Many of the walls and the menu were covered with old photographs and New York feel.

We had the Pizza ala Vodka and it was amazing! Just a cheese pizza made with vodka sauce. Oh sweet Pizza Gods! Since the restaurant was packed and we had to wait a long time to order and then finally get out pizza, we were awarded with a free dessert. I appreciated the kind attitude from the staff and that they kind act of rewarding our patient wait.

Now on to the new challenge! Russo's sells their own t-shirts and many of their staff members were wearing them. I decided that I liked the t-shirt and that I too wanted to wear one. So I bought one! Then I thought, that every new restaurant that I go to that has a shirt, I would get one. Start a new collection of sorts! So let the food consumption and shirt collecting begin!



Monday, June 17, 2013

Thankful Thursday Toes Edition

Lately I have been thankful for:

Mountain outings to celebrate

Lunch with friends and experiencing new places to devour food.

Books that fit in pockets

Poolside swimming lessons

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Bucket List Check Off~ Smores

I was thinking today that my bucket list isn't so much things that I want to do and haven't done, but a list to make sure that I get things done that I want to do. If not, then the summer has a nasty habit of leaving and things not getting done. Tonight's check off I have obviously done many times in life. Putting smores on the list was simply more of a reason to have a get together around a fire and enjoy a little roasted love.

I saw online (probably Pintrest) to stuff a mini Rolo in a marshmallow and then roast it. I'm in! I also grabbed a package of mini Reese's peanut butter cups to give a go. Oh wow! They were pretty darn spectacular! The only problem was getting the marshmallow to evenly roast without the candy falling in the depths of the fire. Messy hands, not a problem.

Life truly is about the simple things in life and the *heart flutters* that come along with it. Sharing smores over a campfire with friends and family tops the list.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

My Grandmother

On this day I want to honor and remember my grandmother. I think of her often and the influences that she had on myself and my family.  She left us 12 years ago today, but strongly lives on in her children and grandchildren. I know that I am where I am today because of her. We had several things in common, including looks, and I learned many lessons from her. Even when I teach her voice flows out.

She too was a teacher and many of her former students have told me how much they cared for her and the impact she made on them. I only hope that this will be the case for me later in life!

I also got my love of books from her. I have a few books in my collection that she treasured and have become some of my favorite also. I remember her reading to me before a nap and there was always a little treat under my pillow to enjoy while we explored  a new world. The book I remember her reading to me the most is "Stuart Little" by E.B White. I could go on to list all the books, but we could be here awhile.

I wish that I knew my grandmother as an adult. At the age of ten you don't think to talk to your grandmother about her life growing up and all her adventures. I am thankful for my dad and my aunt who have shared who she was with me over the years. My grandmother was a trail blazer!

Today, I am going to have an orange fizz  with a bendy straw and sit out on the porch swing thinking of her fondly. Most likely with a book not far away.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Thankful Thursdays

Lately I have been thankful for:

Patient friends to hike with.

Old friends that help you get started.

 New friends that invite you to take naps and curl up with a movie!

Movies in the mail.


Bucket List Check Off ~ Hiking and Eat at a New Resturant

I am at it again! Today I was able to check off two of my bucket list items. This morning three friends and I left Wiggins and headed to Boulder for a nice hike in Chautauqua Park. Thankfully it was nice and cool and an all around beautiful day! We choose our path to take and took off. Sadly, I was not in as good of shape as I had thought or hoped, but I was able to accomplish the task. Slow and steady, one foot in front of the other!

At one point, we took a different path that lead farther up the Flatirons and led us to a great spot to look out over the town and surrounding areas.

 Not only was there a beautiful sight to see, but many of the rocks were large and flat, allowing people to make some seats to sit on to enjoy the sight and rest.

Even a lounge chair!

All together we had about a three mile hike and caused our bellies to make us think it was like the Grapes of Wrath, barren and dusty. So naturally, we headed to find some food. Kris and her family are fans of going to different breweries throughout the state, so I found one for us to try. Also I have on my list to eat at a new restaurant so we were killing two birds with one stone. We made our way to the ever so interesting Pearl Street to The Mountain Sun Pub and Brewery. They were known for their beer and burgers. The restaurant was decorated with fun and colorful art.

This was on the wall over by the window
and had a few different colors. I wasn't able to
capture all of the art, so only wanted to show a close
up of what it was made out of. I really liked it!
We ordered a sampler of eight different brews and explored the many different flavors. We enjoyed good conversation, good food and people watching.
Such a beautiful day getting out and being active with friends while enjoying God's beautiful creation!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Father Knows Best

Dear Scott Wilson,
       Ok, this may be one of those moments that all parents look forward to from the moment they try to teach their children a lesson. You were right! Yes, I said it, you, my father were right. Growing up, you would always tell us (especially during the teenage years) that you get up and work in the morning when it is cool and then nap in the afternoon when it is hot. I grumbled at this lesson as a teen because let's face it, sleeping in is nice. Yet as an adult, I totally get it!

The past two days I have gotten up early and gone for a walk while it was cool and then came home and accomplished a lot around the house. Then later in the afternoon I was able to rest and read my book. Just think of all the times I missed working when it was cool!

Thanks for teaching me so many lessons over the years. Some I am still trying to learn and some have been learned the hard way, but learned none the less.

Love you Scottie!


One of my all time favorite pictures of my dad with my nephew, Marcus

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Helpful Tip

Hard to believe that it is already June! With the month and summer break it is time to catch up on all those things that I neglect during the school year. This includes cleaning out the closet. If you are like me, I hate deciding if I want to toss clothes or keep them. This usually should involve a trying on session that most likely will leave one irritated. So I came up with another system and thought I would share it with you!

At the beginning of the year and then again in June, I turn all of my hangers backwards. If I do this in January, then if by June the hanger is still backwards, that means I have not worn that item of clothing in six months and I need to toss it.

Since you do this every six months, then you should hit every type of season. For example, I am not going to wear any of my long sleeve shirts this summer, but fall and winter fall within that six months and therefor have been given a fair chance to be worn. If you haven't worn it, why keep it?

So there you have it.

On a side note, went on a walk today (need to go earlier in the morning or later at night, it was hot!) and saw this beautiful bush.


AND I am blogging while watching "Princess Bride" which is a total *heart flutter*

Happy Sunday!