Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I Call a Redo

I tried to blog. I got discouraged and stopped. Now I want to try again and try harder this time.

I have changed the name to *Heart Flutters* because I have been thinking a lot lately about what makes my heart flutter and what makes me happy. Focusing on these things seems to make all the little annoyances and irritants fade away.

As before, I don't know where it is going to take me, but I have some ideas.

To begin with, I want to talk about Tuesdays. I have dubbed Tuesday as "No T.V Tuesday" At no point during the day will I turn on the t.v (which today is really hard since Michael Buble is going to be on Dancing With the Stars, and he is an epic *heart flutter*) This was brought by the fact that I often watch too much t.v and also while reading "The Library Card" with one of my reading groups, one of the characters had to turn the t.v off for a whole week. I asked the students to write a paragraph about their thoughts if they had to do a "Great T.V Turn Off." It was very interesting to hear their responses. I wondered myself what I would do and if I could handle it.

During these times, I plan to focus on other things. This could be catching up on things that I have put off, cleaning, creating, being active, reading, or just being. Not using the t.v to fill the silence.

On this Tuesday, I am revamping my blog and finishing "Anne of Windy Poplars" (another *heart flutter*) and putting away the three loads of laundry that I have washed but put off putting away. I look forward to what these Tuesdays bring.

What would you do if you turned your t.v off for a whole night? A week?