Monday, July 15, 2013

"Stealing" Ideas

With my ceiling in my classroom almost back to normal, I am eagerly waiting for the green light to get back in there. I am anxious to try out some of the new ideas I have collected over the summer.

One of the ideas I found involved one of my greatest *heart flutters* I collect quotes. I have them written down everywhere: in a notebook in my purse, in my phone, my random notebook, my quote notebook, random scraps of paper, on my computer, a Pintrest quote board etc. So when I was roaming around Pintrest (probably when I should have been sleeping,) I came across a Reading Graffiti Wall, and fell in love! Then not only did I fall in love with the idea, but the entire blog! She had me sold at the giant Superman! AND she had some pretty cool links to visit also!

I often share quotes with my students and have even had some give me quotes. I tend to treasure these quotes the most. One of my students last year gave me this quote:

Anyway, I am totally going to do this in my classroom this year. Shouldn't be too hard to implement or up keep. The hardest part will be trying to find a place to put it where the students can reach it easily.

This may also be a good way to show examples of figurative language and voice in writing.

So many good ideas out there!

P.S. While in college we watched a video of Harry Wong, who is a classroom management god, and the biggest thing I remember is he said to "steal, steal, steal" ideas from other teachers. Good thing I was given that permission, because there are some way more creative people out there with ideas better than mine! Thank you Jordon for allowing me to "steal" your idea!

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  1. The best teachers are made by the teacher next door. You really don't have long to wait!♥♫