Sunday, November 30, 2014

Hot Drink Crossroads

Recently I realized that I was down to my last can of Mystic Chai. A frantic text was sent to my dad hoping that he would fix this soon to be disaster. We have only been able to find this glorious drink mix at Sam's Club, to which I am not a member but my father is.
So naturally when he was headed to Sam's I made my plea for another can.
He came home with his arms full and I started to help bring in the purchases. I made the comment that I don't like Sam's because there isn't a bag/box to carry your purchases. To this he responded with,
"Well, you are going to hate Sam's even more."
I knew instantly! NOOOOOO!
"I couldn't find your chai anywhere."
I am going to have to ration my last can. I am going to have to find another drink to take its place. I don't want to. I want my chai. I was in the depths of despair!

The next day, the dark clouds drifted away and the sun began to shine again when I got this text

I guess it was just the Sam's he went to that day that didn't have it! Crisis over!

And now, I am going to drink my cup of chai and sit down to learn something from the Sunday Morning Show on CBS.

P.S I discovered while looking for the website for Mystic Chai that I can order a can from Amazon, so it was a slight case of over reaction.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

December TBR List

Winter and summer are my favorite times of year to read. Summer, obviously since I am not in school and can read as much as I want. Winter, because what is better than curling up while it is snowing with a blanket, hot cup and a good book! Winter is an indoor season for me and reading is my sport.

Here is my December To Be Read book list:

Is my current read. I have been waiting for this book for over a year. It was finally in a Scholastic book order and I was given $15 free and this is one that I got! So far so good! I need to finish it soon so I can take the reading test and get some AR points! My students will be so disappointed if I don't make my goal! This one is worth 10 whole points!

On Monday, I will start reading this to my students. I read it in college, but don't remember too much about it. I asked my Facebook friends if I should read this one or Soup on Ice by Richard Peck, and this one won! So hopefully the students enjoy it!

Also being read for AR points, but also for the Newbery checklist. I am still trying to read through all of the Newbery books. One of my students picked this one out for us to "read" together.

One of the gifts a student gave me for my birthday this year was this book. I have saved it for the snowy season. Should be a quick, easy, snowy read!

And finally, my Christmas book. Two years ago I decided to read a Christmas book each year. My dear sweet OMM loved Christmas and read Christmas books all year long. She was excited for me to join in on the fun. She gave me this book to read for this year. I will miss not being able to share with her.

There you have it! My December TBR and snow adventures to come!

What books are on your December TBR list?

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Wait for it.....

I am back to the blogging world!

It has been a few months, but I had wi-fi installed this morning and I can get on the Internet Any, Time. I, Want. To!

So get ready for more randomness and *heart flutters* galore!

What do you hope to see in upcoming posts? What did you miss?