Monday, August 1, 2016

Four Year School Journal

I should be asleep. I was almost asleep when I realized that it was August 1st and that it was time to start journaling for school again, and since I am often a little obsessive with things, I had to get up and journal.

Two years ago I started a four year school journal that helps me see what is going on during different times of the year. I just jot down a few sentences about the day and how I am feeling. It takes about a minute and is a good record of the school year.

This way of journaling helps to me see that I often go through the same things and feel the same way each year. Often times I forget that some of the struggles I go through as a teacher with each class is a normal part of the process. This way, I can see that it happens every year and that it too does pass. It is also a good way to remember the joys and celebrations.

It's hard to believer that it is already August and even more hard to believe that I will be starting my eleventh year of teaching!