Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Slice of Life Challenge...Take Four

Four years ago I stumbled on to Two Writing Teachers and the adventure of Slice of Life. Each March they have the Slice of Life Challenge and encourage writers to write everyday for the whole month. They even challenge writers in the classroom to participate. So, I pitched it to my class and got four girls to join me. I loved it, even though I myself wasn't successful with the challenge.

Now, is my chance to redeem myself! Fourth times a charm right? Oh wait, that's the third.

This year, most of my class said that they wanted to do it. We rounded up notebooks and recovered some of the old covers and are ready. I kept forgetting that it starts tomorrow and they would say they were so excited for Wednesday and I always had to ask why. I am hoping that this isn't an omen to how I am going to do. Did I mention that I have not ever been successful with this challenge?

I want to do this. I want to succeed. I want to be a writer, even if is is only for this month. I know that I am going to need topics to write about, so I have a slew of writing prompts to pick from when this time comes.

Year four starts tomorrow. The month of success. This time, I will complete the challenge!

Do you want to join me in this writing adventure?
What are some topics you could add to my What-should-I-write-about list?

1 comment:

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