Friday, July 22, 2016

2016-2017 Everything Notebook

A few years ago, I started a notebook where I wrote everything down. I wrote short stories, shopping lists, plans for things, book club schedules, recipes, scores for Phase 10 and dominoes, you name it, it was written down in this notebook. I didn't have a name for it until recently when I found someone else on Pintrest who does the same thing.

I also started one this year for school and it was a lifesaver! Often things are written down here and there and more times than not, lost. Writing them down in one place has been so helpful. I decided to have one each year along with my new lesson plan book.

One of my projects this summer was to decorate my notebook for this year.
You can get the idea here!

This is what I wanted to do on my notebook, so I did! And I love it! 

My favorite was using pages from one of my favorite books! That is the only good thing that comes from students being tough on library books. 

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