Monday, February 2, 2015

Monday Memorandum

Memorandum. How do you like that word? Just learned it today. I am thinking that this is where the word "memo" comes from.

Anyway, lots to say today. I guess I whined and complained enough about having a topic to blog about that my friend, Cassie, sent me to this really cool place for some writing prompts.  My goal for the month is to write at least something for all of these prompts. Today's prompt is this:

Groundhog Day! Did you see your shadow when you walked outside this morning?

I did not. I didn't go for a walk this morning outside. Instead I was inside in front of my computer watching the ALA Youth Media Awards and anxiously awaiting the announcement of the 2015 Newbery Award. The winner was:
I have not read this one yet. I have only seen it on the Internet, and didn't know anything about it until today. I was planning on reading the winner to my class, but am not sure if this one will be a good one for them or not. I read the sample on Amazon and am not sure. I am hoping to get my hands on a copy and then decided.

Today we had an inservice at school, which as most educators can say, can go either way. Between "meetings" we were to report to the office. There our boss handed us some balls and a Nerf gun. We played a game based on capture the flag and had a BLAST! My team teacher and I didn't end up with any balls, which meant we were losers, but we sure had fun playing! I feel as if we need to play this game at least twice a month from here on out!

Back to the original prompt. Since I was busy getting my book nerdiness on, I didn't walk outside, so I decided to do so tonight.
I have a small head and long legs! I would have walked longer, but it was very foul-smelling out. I don't do well with stink.

How was your Monday? 

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