Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Sharing Is Caring

The last three days I have been on a cleaning/organizing/getting stuff done roll and I love it! Out of nowhere I got a surge of motivation, along with help from a few friends. I have completed projects both at home and at school. At the rate I am going, I won't have anything left to do soon!
Picture from this blog, and they got it from somewhere else,
so I don't know who gets the credit.

While working on my bedroom I came across some of my writing projects. I think some of them date back to middle school when my friend Holly and I decided that we were going to write a book. I know that there are some from high school and then some from not too long ago. I am excited, and a bit nervous to read through them. 

I got to thinking about these writings and my current writing state. What was so different from then and now? How could I sit down and write a whole "book" or scene and now I struggle to sit down to write a blog post. All I could come up with was the fact of sharing my writing. I guess when I wrote those, especially in middle school and high school, there wasn't much chance of anyone reading it. In fact, I think that the only one who ever read my Terry and Noelle story was Holly. I shared my swimming story with Leslie, but other than that, just myself. Blog posts are shared with whoever decides to click on it and take the time to read it. 

It isn't that I don't want people to read it, I guess I am just afraid of what they are going to think about my writing. I don't get much feedback on my blog from others to either discourage or encourage my writing, so it isn't like I know what people are thinking. So why should I care what people think? Plus, I have control over what people read or not. I can write it and then make the decision. In this world of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and whatever social media vehicle and over sharing, we do not have to share everything in our lives with everyone. This is true for my writing too. I can write just for me!

I shouldn't. I should just write. I should write about whatever I want to.

This post is brought to you by random rambles in my head.

P.S. Side note, I HATE coming up with titles for posts. I don't think I will ever publish a book, just so I don't have to come up with a title for it!

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