Sunday, June 5, 2016

What I Have Been Up To

January 17th? Is that really the last time I blogged?! I know that I have thought about it a lot, but I guess thinking about things doesn't get things done!

May was a whirl wind if I have ever been in one! There was something going on every day of the month and there were times I wasn't sure I was going to make it!

 I finished up by tenth year of teaching and said goodbye to a really good group of students. It was a good year full of laughter, growth and lots of learning. The fourth graders did amazing on our district testing and got a lot of adults super excited!

In the midst of packing up my classroom, I was trying to get ready for my surgery. I was hoping to have my house cleaned, but didn't get as much done as I would have liked. Good thing my family didn't care!

Friday morning, the 27th my dad and my sister took me to Fort Collins. I had a tumor removed from my parotid gland just under my ear and along my jaw line. It was supposed to be a two hour surgery, but the tumor was bigger and deeper than they thought, doubling the surgery time. Thankfully I don't remember anything! I remember asking if we got to listen to music and then waking up trying to take all my clothes off, and when I say clothes, I mean the sexy hospital gown you get to wear. They wouldn't let me take it off, so I told them then they better get me cooled down! I hope I wasn't too rude, but I was hot! The last time I was under for my wisdom teeth, 15 some years ago, I woke up freezing.

The week to follow was NOTHING what I thought it was going to be. I don't know what I was expecting. I guess I was hoping that I would be able to sleep a lot and read my book while my family checked in on me from time to time.

Nope. The medicines that I was given, the killer headache and I didn't get a long very well. I am pretty sure in my mind the worst part was the headache and it was the cause of all my problems. Once we were able to get all that figured out, things started to move along. I will save you all the details and pictures that were taken.

I wasn't able to focus and read as much as I thought I was going to, so I feel like I am already behind on my summer reading!

To recap, I am very thankful for the care that I was given the last week, the texts and phone calls to check on me and the gifts that were dropped by. I don't know how anyone could go through something like that alone.

So now, in my world, summer vacation starts tomorrow and boy do I have big plans!

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