Thursday, March 20, 2014

School Days

It has been a long times since I have participated in FTSF, so I am excited to join back in. This weeks prompt is:

"I'm done with school, but..."

I had an idea when I sat down to write, but then thought of something else. Now I am not sure which one to go with! Ok, I'll go with both.

1) "I'm done with school, but..." I miss having a locker. I loved having a locker from the time I got one in fifth grade and cleaned out my last one my senior year. I shared a locker in seventh grade with my best friend, Holly, and we had it decorated in the coolest way! 
I actually still have a few of the things we had in our locker!

My freshman year I shared with Aimee and all the fights happened in front of our locker! It was so exciting!

The other three years were strategically placed next to my friends, and we all had access to each other's lockers. We were cool. 

I can't really put my finger on why I liked having a locker so much. It was just so cool to me.

2) "I'm done with school, but..." we still have 34 days left. This one applies more to today and my teaching. I have sever summer-itis. I am having a hard time getting up each morning and getting dressed each morning is like climbing Everest. It isn't like I don't like my class, but truth be told, I want to be a little lazy for a few days. Maybe spring break will help with this.

All the other aspects of school pretty much still apply to me. I get to go school clothes shopping, I get new school supplies each year, I go threw the first day of school, school pictures, school lunch, school work, homework, just on a different level at times.

How would you finish this sentence?


  1. Totally brought me back to locker days and I too couldn't wait to have one, but forgot about that feeling until I read your post tonight. Seriously, if my locker could talk back then, the stories it would have told and this post truly made me smile reliving a bit of that time tonight. Thanks for linking with us and so happy to have you join us again :)

  2. Thanks for providing a look at the other side of school life. I've never thought about the teacher's need for school supplies (of their own) or how they feel about school pics etc. This was rather refreshing!

  3. My best friend Carol and I had "matching" lockers in 9th grade - preppy style (because that was cool then). I remember being fascinated by the way people chose to decorate theirs.
    And I hear you about being ready for summer. I'm not a teacher but we had a snow day this week and I'm so ready for some warm weather!

  4. I never shared a locker but, we had nicknames and notebooks that we passed to each other during "passing time". We would write notes to each other in these spiral notebooks! They we all decorated with sharpies and glitter puff paints. Hahaha! Memories.

  5. totally takes me back (both to High School and Junior High School*), I don't have the memory of permanency with my locker, more it was a place to have my back covered in the totally hostile environment that was a school corridor in the later 60s.
    interesting flashback-prompting Post… (I can totally picture Kristi, though lol)

    * at William Golding Junior High

  6. I never thought of the teacher's perspective. So, you've never left, but are making a difference in the lives of our children. Thank you!!