Sunday, March 16, 2014

Thinking Out Loud

Well hello! It's been what seems like forever! I have missed blogging and hopefully you have missed reading.

It has been busy here and for the next three weeks, I don't see it slowing down much. Oh wait, unless you call the slow walking I have to do around my classroom during state testing, slow.

I decided that I would do another Thinking Out Loud post and hopefully get out a few of the things I thought about blogging about all week.
We had parent teacher conferences this week, which equaled two 12 hour days at the office. I like the spring conferences better because they are quicker. Everyone has figured everything out by now and are 4th grade pros. It is more of a huddle with a plan for the fourth quarter and how to finish out the year.

I finished this book and gave it five stars! My students are loving it as a read-aloud and would be plum ticked if I read it the whole reading hour. I also got my signed sticker-thingy to put in my own copy (when I find one) from the author. I decided that I REALLY want to be Natalie's best friend. Where do I find an application? She wrote a sweet note to go with it and I showed my class with a whole lot of enthusiasm. Spindiddly!

The SOL project with my small group is going AMAZING! They girls are enjoying it and I am enjoying reading their slices. I had a few parents mention it at conferences and how much they are enjoying it. Mission accomplished.

My sister came to visit this weekend and we made a day of yesterday! We started out with a 5k for St. Patrick's Day and now I can barely move, but it was a bonding moment for the two of us. We had lunch with some work friends of mine and then went to get coffee and ran into our high school teacher from back home. It was probably the craziest thing to see he and his wife walk in the store, five hours away from home. It was good to see them even it was only for a few minutes.
We ended the night at the Ranch with breakfast for dinner. How happy is the syrup bottle? It was nice to share a meal with family and friends followed by a few friendly games of Spoons and Dominoes!

And now this is my goal for Sunday....

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