Saturday, July 26, 2014

Thinking Out Loud - The Last Two Weeks or So

Well hello! It has been while. Not sure why it has been so long, but it has. I figured I would do a "Thinking Out Loud Post" to recap the last few weeks.

My back is finally getting better! Two weeks ago I got home from my annual trip to Salida with my family and couldn't move. The pain was radiating down both of my legs. It hurt to stand, it hurt to sit, it hurt to lay down, it just plain hurt. I finally made an appointment with a chiropractor that my friend goes to and I wish that I had done so earlier! He didn't do anything except an exam on the first visit, but I walked out of his office with hope and that alone made me feel 83% better! Since then I have gone back a few times and am already feeling better.

Stolen summer. With my back pains I feel as if my summer has been stolen from me. I have not been able to do several of the things I have wanted to do because it simply hurt to move. My summer adventure list was neglected. My summer wasn't completely stolen, I did have some pretty amazing times with friends and family.

School is around the corner. We report on the 8th of August and then the students come marching in the door on the 14th. That's like....two weeks! Yikes! I am freaking out a tad. I have lots to do. My sister needs to have surgery and I get the honor of being her nurse. With this, I will be with her and not in my classroom. Since I have this fear of not being ready in time (aided by scary teacher dreams that are trying to prove this fear) I am freaking out even more. I have been going in here and there to work in my classroom to get ready. I keep telling myself that it will all be fine and it will all get done.

Thankful for friends. Along with the fear of not being ready for school, I have been blessed by two past students who helped me this week in my room. Abby and Laura are such great helpers. We worked for a good seven hours and got a lot accomplished! They were able to help me when my body was loudly protesting on how much work it was doing.

Second Book Meet. Once again a few of us got together to discuss the books we were reading or had read. We had a small group of four again, but had two new kiddos join us. I think that the kids enjoyed it, I know I sure did. They wanted to continue into the school year, so I am thinking about how that will work. We will meet again next Wednesday once more before school starts.

Well, I think that might be about it. I hope I will be able to blog better here on out.

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