Tuesday, January 20, 2015

SOL #3 - Hands

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 Happy Tuesday, that is disguised as a Monday! Best part is that tomorrow is Wednesday! I am back for Slice of Life with a much better attitude this week!
My school district was one of the lucky ones who got a three day weekend and I took full advantage of it! Friday night as soon as I said goodbye to my students I myself headed north west to Saratoga, WY to visit my dear friends Henry and Jane.
We had such a fun time the three days I was there. Lots of laughs are always to be had while, eating, playing dominoes, watching tv, or riding in the truck. More to possibly come on my weekend with pictures!
What I really wanted to write about today are hands. Hands that show so much love in their actions.

These two have given more than I think they could ever receive. Two of the most giving and generous people I know. Examples of the person I can only strive to be.

Hands that make one of the best cups of hot chocolate ever complete with marshmallows. That make you your favorite pie and an amazing dinner to feed a crowd.
The hands of a working man who takes the time of make breakfast and share a cup of coffee at the table. 

Have you been blessed by a pair of hands?


  1. This is lovely - my mom has distinctive hands (to me anyway), and Lord knows I've been blessed by them.

  2. I will always remember my grandpa's hands. He had the longest fingers and the hands of a farmer, tan from the wrist down because he wore long sleeves year round. Thank you for bringing that memory back!