Saturday, August 22, 2015

Celebrate This Week

We made it through the first "week" of school! 19 students stood outside my classroom door bright and early on Thursday morning to start our year of adventures.
I don't know about my students, but this was me Thursday night when I got home. I went to bed willingly at 8:00 and slept the whole night through.

Today, I celebrate making it through, but I also celebrate the memory of a dear friend.

Ten years ago when I finished my first ever first day of school, I stopped by my mentor teacher's house on my way home and out walked her husband with a Popsicle. It was the best gift I never knew that I wanted.

After a whole day of talking, your throat gets dry, hot and tired. A Popsicle is a sweet, cold oasis.

At the end of the day, I went around and celebrated each teacher who was awesome and made it through the first day of school with a sweet, cold oasis. It was an incredible way to celebrate the first day of school and the memory of an amazing man.
What did you celebrate this past week?
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  1. I remember those first days of school! That's exactly how I felt last year after subbing in an elementary librarian position, back-to-back classes all day and collecting time fortheir spring book swap. So fun that you shared a sweet, cold oasis at the end of your first day. Love the memories it brings for you of a treasured friend!

  2. Giving to others what one gave to you is what it is all about! I'd say you are off to a wonderful school year!! Thanks for sharing how you remember your friend.

  3. Wonderful words...a sweet, cold oasis and a lovely tradition. The first unsteady days of school pass swiftly and before you know it a community is forming! :)

  4. Awe, that's awesome! Great memory!

  5. A sweet treat for a very exhausting day - what a great way to start the year.

  6. This post is so very heartfelt. I am so moved how you remember you friend and his spontaneous generosity and you are paying it forward.

  7. What a great unexpected gift - popsicles! My daughter is a first year teacher and she is experiencing these "growing pains!" Hope you have a great school year!