Sunday, August 16, 2015

So This Happened Today

Living in a small town sometimes has its down falls, and shopping can be one of them. Since I was going to the big city today, I decided to do a little shopping before the baby shower that I was going to.

I was kind of dreading the shopping trip since I needed to purchase some new boobie jails. Not a fun item to shop for, yet an evil necessity.
Thankfully, it wasn't as painful as I had thought it was going to be. Since I was only going to get the one item, I didn't grab a shopping cart and was just walking around the store with a handful of bras, not really thinking too much about it.

Until I saw some parents of a future student. Face palm.
I went down a different isle to avoid them, but what I should have done was walk to the other side of the store until I was sure they were gone.

Walked right into them! I couldn't not stop and chat, and introduce myself to dad. Dad had to be along on this shopping trip? I wouldn't have cared if I had ran into mom with a fist full of over sized over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders, but nooooo, dad had to be there.

At least it will be a story to laugh about later and one that hopefully dad will forget!

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  1. I'll never forget dad calling them over the shoulder boulder holders for the first time. Epic!