Tuesday, May 27, 2014

May Sweet Summer Fling Update

Is it really the end of May already? Geesh, what a month. Anyway, since I have free wi-fi at the moment I thought I would update my Sweet Summer Fling Challenge (although I am not sure if anyone really cares, but too bad, you're getting it!) I joined it the fun over at Bookish.

My goal is to read forty books off of my shelves at home. It is preposterous the amount of books that I have at home that haven't been read. So far I am liking the goal itself, but am freaking out about making it. When I set the goal of forty it was based on about how many books I read each year. Well, I didn't take into account the amount of kids books for school and book club books I read each year. When it comes to books in general, I am right on track with 21 books, but for my Sweet Summer Fling, 12.

I am behind. I should be at about 20 books now. Should I be freaking out? No, probably not, but I am weird like that. It won't matter on Dec. 31st if I met this goal or not.

I think that with this summer I might be able to make up some ground. Here is what is coming up.
All three books by Sarah Sundid. I have three sets of trilogies on my list and have decided to read them all one right after another. I just finished the Post Cards from Pullman trilogy this morning.

Well, I feel better now after sharing this all with you. Now, I better pick up my next book and get busy!

What are you reading?

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  1. I am also appalled by the amount of books I own that I've never even read! There's nothing I love more than buying books, but I don't have enough reading hours to keep up with the pace I buy them at! Hope you have some relaxing hours with your summer reads :)