Thursday, November 14, 2013

Just Bloggin'

Is this you waiting for me to blog?
Humor me and say yes.

Is this my first post in November? I can't even remember when I blogged last. Tomorrow is pay day which also means that the month is already half over! Where is my life going?

I am finally feeling better physically and emotionally and hope that maybe I will be able to blog more. Now I just need to find some stuff to blog about!

I caught up on my friend Cassie's blog tonight and am going to copy here "cop-out" idea for the night. Here are just a few things recently that have made my *heart flutter*

I have a very sweet student who has a great sense of humor and seems to "get" me. We have often quoted this commercial in class and I started saying "E-I-E-I-O" whenever there was a disappointment or a frustration. Something happened one day that fit both these and she said, "E-I-E-I-O, huh Ms. Wilson?" These small little moments that I share with my students with some humor are my favorites.

Tonight I FINALLY got my bangs cut (no more Justin Bieber bangs) and then came home and started a blanket
and watched
I loved the movie! It was so cute and Mr. John Wayne is a handsome man! My favorite part is where he drags her off the train and five miles back to her brother. I giggled the whole time!

And finally the end the night, I am addicted to Today's Letters. I probably give Em and Tim about 95% of their page views. I check their blog about once a day and have used some of her quirky sayings from time to time. To be honest, I have even written my own letters, using her idea. (Is that plagiarism? If I use her idea but my own words, is that ok? If so, sorry Em! You are just such an inspiration!)

Well it was a late, emotional night last night so I better tuck myself into bed so I am ready for Breakfast Burrito Friday! Thank you paleo challenge for allowing cheat days!

What is your favorite John Wayne movie? (This is only the second one I have watched.)

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  1. I need to come and see that pretty blanket you have on your lap while you started your new one. At least you have now posted twice in November--more than me!♥♫