Friday, November 15, 2013

100th Blog Post!

In school, especially the younger grades, we celebrate the 100th Day of School. Since fourth grade is super boring, we don't celebrate this landmark day (E-I-E-I-O) much to older siblings dismay.

So why am I talking about the 100th day of school when we still have a few months before this day even happens? Well tonight I want to celebrate a different 100 milestone.

This is my 100th blog post!

Now there are probably tons of bloggers out there who have reached this milestone a long time ago, but I am surprised that I made it this far.

I like to blog. I just have a lack of confidence in my blog, my ability and what I have to "say." I often think to myself, "Oh! I could blog about that!" but then talk myself out of it thinking no one will care.

I need to get over this thinking. Clap if you agree...

To celebrate I decided to look back over the 100 and revisit the top six most viewed posts.

1. I Wanna Be Loved Like That

Comes in with 71 views. This excites me since this was probably the most raw, real and honest post I have written. Maybe I need to post more posts like this?

2. I Call A Redo

This post was my second attempt at blogging. I tried to blog and not broadcast it on Facebook, but then no one was reading them, let alone commenting. So I had to once again over come some fear and post the links on Facebook. There are times that I don't blog about certain things because I don't want Facebook land to know about it, but that is probably ok since it probably doesn't need to be shared in the first place.

I think that this post got 66 views because it was my "first" one and people wanted to know what was going on.

3. Salida *Heart Flutters*

I learned with this one that the more people you tag in the shared link on Facebook, the more views you will get! 65 views from friends of all three of my sisters and my dad came and read about our adventure of remembering our mom.

4. "Stealing Ideas"

I had to go back and reread this one since I couldn't remember what it was about based on the title. Update on the graffiti wall. Slight E-I-E-I-O moment for Ms. Wilson. It as several other ideas, get put on the back burner and either never happen or start out and don't go very far. I got it started, but then I didn't really tell the students about it until later in the year and then it just became part of the decor in the room. Although! Lately a few kids have put some quotes up, so someone is thinking about it at least! 60 views total.

5. Get Your Nerd On

I met an author and a "famous" DJ! This post was about attending a meet and greet with Dom Testa, author of the Galahad Series and morning DJ for Mix 100 in Denver. I had an in since my cousin and his wife are friends with Dom, so yes, I name dropped and got some extra perks of meeting him. I still have not read the last book of the series but eagerly await his upcoming series. 59 views total.

6. Summer Bucket List 2013

I am glad that this one made the list with 56 views. I had an amazing summer filled with many adventures with friends and family. I plan on making another list next summer to ensure that I get done what I want to get done. (The fall list fell on its backside.)

Here's to a total of 5,602 views total and to the next 100 posts. Thank you to all that have been on this journey with me and I hope that you stick around for more. I promise to try to be more confident if you promise to comment every now and then. ;0)

Do you have a favorite post of mine?


  1. Milestones are fun. We should do a joint giveaway and post it here and on ♥♫!! Thanks for the offer of help, but am doing fine...just uncomfortable. More details on Tuesday when you come for supper.♥♫

  2. You know my favs...any with your RAOKs!!! Congrats on 100!! Keep on blogging!!