Sunday, November 17, 2013

Thoughts From My Early Morning Shopping Trip

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope that where you are the wind isn't blowing like it is here. I went to town and driving in this wind and dodging tumbleweeds was a challenge.

I woke up about 4:30 this morning and while trying desperately to fall back to sleep I started thinking about what all I needed to do. There are a few items that I needed to get from the store but was having a hard time picking when I was going to go in to town. I was ready to go right then but knew that was just silly. Then I had to make the decision of what store to go to and what coffee shop to swing by. I had a few different options and my choice was going to be based on how busy each place might be.

8:30 in the morning is a great time to go shopping! I drove by our Safeway which is having a Re-Grand Opening this weekend after their remodel and addition of a Starbucks. I thought that it was going to be VERY busy with pre-church goers, who wanted to get their first Starbucks before church. I was way wrong!

I think that Safeway is a genius! I first saw this bag three years ago when I was visiting my dad in San Diego and loved it. How easy is it to donate to your food bank this way?

Let's face it, we are lazy, myself included. I would want to donate, but would stand in an isle stressing about what to get and what was really needed. Then if I was lucky enough to overcome this silly thinking, it would sit in my car for weeks until I figured out where it needed to go and find the time to take it there. This way, I don't have to worry about what to get, I don't have to take it anywhere and I help out. I just love that they do this!

Well I can't mention that Safeway has a new Starbucks without myself having to check and see if they are any good. So to celebrate my early morning shopping trip, I got my first red cup of the season! My dear cousin Sarah loves the red cup season and I had to send her a picture letting her know I was thinking of her.

Now on to my other thought about getting my red cup. I love it when people use my name. When you go to a store and they take the time to figure out what your name is and use it. They asked what my name was to put on my cup, which is normal, but after the cute barista called my name with my cup, I cheerfully told her thank you and she said, "You're welcome, have a great day Sarah!" That was the highlight of the trip.

Even though I like this so much to be done to myself, I am horrible at doing it to others. I have a better chance at knowing their name than they do of mine, but I just get scared and my voice runs and hides. I REALLY need to get better at this. It isn't like it is a hard thing to do.

Ok well I better get going, I have lots to do today since I have company coming over to watch the NASCAR race and I have to clean up and make cookies. I just wanted to make sure that I blogged about my *heart flutter* filled morning.

What are some of your Sunday morning *heart flutters*?

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