Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Sweet Summer Fling 2014

The 2014 TBR Pile Reading Challenge is hosted by Bookish. The challenge will last from January 1, 2014-December 31, 2014. Any genre, length, or format of book counts. Books must be released in 2013 or earlier and off of your shelf at home.

My goal is to go for Sweet Summer Fling - 31-40 books, which will probably clear off a whole bookcase if I am lucky!

It is just silly that I have so many unread books on my shelves. They need to be read and what better way to do so with a challenge.

Thankfully the list is not set in stone and can be changed and rearranged. This is what I came up with (all without looking at my shelves since I am housesitting.)

31-40 TBR Book List

1.       Before I Die

2.       Anne of Ingleside #6

3.       Sidekicked

4.       And the Mountains Echoed

5.       Mary Mary #11

6.       Cross #12

7.       Double Cross #13

8.       Cross Country #14

9.       The Gift

10.   Body Surfing

11.   Night Road

12.   Winter Garden

13.   True Colors

14.   Rainbow Valley #7

15.   Rilla of Ingleside #8

16.   The Boy Next Door

17.   Plain Truth

18.   Every Boy’s Got One

19.   A Hopeless Romantic

20.   The Love of Her Life

21.   I Remember You

22.   The Green Mile

23.   Forrest Gump

24.   The Pact

25.   Gap Creek

26.   A Distant Melody

27.   Nothing Daunted

28.   Blue Skies Tomorrow

29.   Chasing Down the Dawn

30.   Before Green Gables

31.   A Memory Between Us

32.   Out of the Canyon

33.   Thanks for the Memories

34.   The Horse and His Boy

35.   The Last Battle

36.   The Silver Chair

37.   A Voice in the Wind

38.   An Echo in the Darkness

39.   As Sure as the Dawn

40. Christmas Book

I have not every done anything like this officially and not through a blog so it will be interesting to see how I do. I am already a little confused on what all I have to do to get set up, but I know how to use my resources and am getting it figured out!

Do you have a challenge for 2014 yet?


  1. Honestly, you can remember the titles of all those books without looking at them?!! I am impressed at that feat alone.♥♫

    1. Well I looked through all of my online book organization sites, like PBS, and joted them down. There are a few that I am not sure on and need to wait until I get home to be sure, but I think it is pretty close.

  2. My challenge for 2014...keeping up with your zest for reading!! Haha... Seriously...not sure. Guess I'd better find one to commit to.