Thursday, November 28, 2013

Wait, What Is Today?

Well everyone else is talking about Thanksgiving, so I might as well too! I was trying to think of some creative, interesting way to tell everyone what I am thankful for, but I got nothing. So I guess I will just do a list of a few things (and by far not even close to mentioning all that I am thankful for, and not in any particular order.)
  • My family, real and pretend
  • My friends, near and far
  • My teaching partner who makes my job a thousand times easier
  • My job and students, if not I would be bored
  • That a new mattress has been provided for me
  • My health, even though we have been at odds for two months now, over all I can't complain
  • That I can read and share my love of reading with others
  • The ability to find the *heart flutters* in almost everything around me
  • My education
  • That I can listen to Pandora at work
  • My faith and that God is always there for me
I am headed to a friend's house for lunch today and taking it easy. May your time with friends and family be blessed and full of joy!

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