Tuesday, January 14, 2014

TTT~ Mornings

It is Top Ten Tuesday again! I missed last week since I was having computer issues, not a *heart flutter* This week I don't really like the topic, so I am going to do my own. My house sitting adventures continue for one more sleep and hopefully it is a good sleep. I did sleep better last night which results in a better morning. I woke up refreshed and in a better mood. Even better, I got up a little bit earlier too!

I was thinking how much I really do like the mornings and decided to compile a list of ten reason I like the morning and why I wish I was more of a morning person.

  • Sunrises
    • What a beautiful good morning from God and His creative hand. I am reminded of His love every time I see nature's beauty. Also, probably the ONLY thing I like about winter is that you get to see the sunrises more often than I do in the summer.
  • Quiet
    • I love the peacefulness of the morning. Very few people/animals are stirring (except for Oscar since he is also an old man in a puppies body, asleep at five p.m and awake at four am!) Such a good time just to be.
  • Promise of a new day
    • One of my favorite quotes from my beloved Anne of Green Gables is Miss Stacie telling Anne that, “Tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it... Yet.”  There are two other versions of this that make my *heart flutter* and they both come from Peanuts. Linus holding a blanket saying that, "Tomorrow I start over with a clean blanket," and then Snoopy on my calendar saying, "Happiness is a new day." No matter how horrible the day was, you get a new one in the morning. I find such hope in this.
  • Breakfast 
    • Can one really go wrong with cereal, pancakes, eggs, bacon, waffles, biscuits and gravy, breakfast burritos, peanut butter and honey on toast, and hash browns?
  • Working out
    • I really do like working out in the morning, but rarely do it. When I do manage to get it done, I feel more up beat and ready for the day
  • Devotionals
    • Similar feelings about working out. Starts the day off right and gives you something to think about and strive for during the day
  • Morning DJs are cooler than the drive home DJs
    • I listen to K99 and LOVE LOVE LOVE Brian, Todd and Susan, from the Good Morning Guys. If you ever see me sitting in my car in the morning outside of the school laughing, they are why. There are times when I don't even think what they are saying is funny, but they do and are busting a gut, you soon will be following! I wish I was up earlier to hear more of their show.
  • Morning hot drinks
    • I usually have myself a nice cup of chai, but every once in awhile I will have a well doctored cup of Joe
  • Showering
    • I am a fan of the shower. I take my showers in the morning with music blaring and using the shampoo bottle for a mic. How could this not be good?
  • I just like it
    • Lame, but couldn't really think of a better reason to make ten. ;0)
What about you? Are you a morning person? If so, what is your favorite part about mornings? 
If not, what don't you like?
Hee hee, this is my little sister!


  1. All good things in the morning! I have another.... http://brielleandme.net/best-part-day/

  2. I also sing in the shower using the shampoo bottle as a mic. it is pretty AWESOME!!!!