Friday, January 17, 2014

Ten Best Reason to Share a Room with Your Best Friend

Friday. What a glorious word! I was having a hard time thinking of how to participate in Finish the Sentence Friday, but wanted to blog, so I headed over to my trusted writing prompt web site. My cursor landed on #319: Ten Best Reason to Share a Room with Your Best Friend. I got to do this!

For three years, I shared a room with my best friend Kari. Probably the best person I ever shared a room with!
Zapata Falls

  • Open closet policy
    • Sadly, I did not benefit from this as much as Kari did. I couldn't fit into her clothes or shoes, but she sure could fit into mine! Many times she would walk in wearing a shirt of mine and usually looked better in it!
  • Falling asleep talking
    • She usually fell asleep first
  • Staying up late talking
    • Well, until she fell asleep mid-sentence
  • You get the biggest room in the house
    • Only makes sense
  • If they don't clean, you don't feel guilty not cleaning
    • It was a good thing that we had similar house keeping skills. We did get better towards the end.
  • You don't have to hide your journal
    • She knew everything in it anyway!
  • It doesn't matter what you look like when you wake up
    • If your hair is all crazy, don't worry, she looks the same.
  • You can use their stuff whenever you want
    • Since I couldn't wear her clothes, I took advantage of other things she had.
  • Learning to compromise
    • I like to fall asleep to music, Kari doesn't. With her good reason, I had to give it up. LONGEST. THREE. YEARS. OF. MY. LIFE! 
  • Never being alone
    • I always knew that she was there. If she wasn't, she soon would be. She was there the two months that I cried every day straight and dealt with my used tissues all over. She let me pour my heart out even though she knew that things were for the best. She was there for me when I was happy and excited. She was there.
The two of us with author Mark Ludy

Have you ever shared a room with your best friend? Do you now? What are/were the best parts?

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