Sunday, June 30, 2013

Big City Adventures

Truman and Wellington


Word has gotten out that I am not too shabby at house/animal sitting, and I have once again been asked to partake on another adventure. This time I only have two dogs to take care of, Wellington and Truman, and I find myself in the big town of Fort Morgan!

I have known Wellington for seven years now and we have a somewhat rocky relationship. On some occasions when I see him, he loves me and plows me over to get some lovin. Then other times, he tells me that I am not allowed at his house and I need to leave. This has caused some anxiety on my part.

Have no fear, thanks to a bag of treats and Truman liking me, we have not had any issues since the first day I was here!

They both are very well trained dogs (Truman is still learning, but in my opinion he is a fast learner.)  This is a picture of them waiting outside the back door for permission to enter into the house.

I have spent my time here cuddled up with Truman while catching up on my Netflix movies and reading. I decided this morning that I like puppy snores, they make my *heart flutter*

A few perks of being in Fort Morgan:
  •  Café Lotus is just around the corner
  •  The movie theater is a few blocks away
  •  I could have a pizza delivered if I wanted too


  1. And here I am, stuck in the middle. Isn't that from some have songs on FB. By next summer I might have a dog that you can take care of, too.♥♫

    1. How am I supposed to take care of your dog while I am with you on PE Island?