Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Father Knows Best

Dear Scott Wilson,
       Ok, this may be one of those moments that all parents look forward to from the moment they try to teach their children a lesson. You were right! Yes, I said it, you, my father were right. Growing up, you would always tell us (especially during the teenage years) that you get up and work in the morning when it is cool and then nap in the afternoon when it is hot. I grumbled at this lesson as a teen because let's face it, sleeping in is nice. Yet as an adult, I totally get it!

The past two days I have gotten up early and gone for a walk while it was cool and then came home and accomplished a lot around the house. Then later in the afternoon I was able to rest and read my book. Just think of all the times I missed working when it was cool!

Thanks for teaching me so many lessons over the years. Some I am still trying to learn and some have been learned the hard way, but learned none the less.

Love you Scottie!


One of my all time favorite pictures of my dad with my nephew, Marcus

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  1. Mornings are a great time for working in the garden and yard, too. ♥♫