Saturday, June 8, 2013

My Grandmother

On this day I want to honor and remember my grandmother. I think of her often and the influences that she had on myself and my family.  She left us 12 years ago today, but strongly lives on in her children and grandchildren. I know that I am where I am today because of her. We had several things in common, including looks, and I learned many lessons from her. Even when I teach her voice flows out.

She too was a teacher and many of her former students have told me how much they cared for her and the impact she made on them. I only hope that this will be the case for me later in life!

I also got my love of books from her. I have a few books in my collection that she treasured and have become some of my favorite also. I remember her reading to me before a nap and there was always a little treat under my pillow to enjoy while we explored  a new world. The book I remember her reading to me the most is "Stuart Little" by E.B White. I could go on to list all the books, but we could be here awhile.

I wish that I knew my grandmother as an adult. At the age of ten you don't think to talk to your grandmother about her life growing up and all her adventures. I am thankful for my dad and my aunt who have shared who she was with me over the years. My grandmother was a trail blazer!

Today, I am going to have an orange fizz  with a bendy straw and sit out on the porch swing thinking of her fondly. Most likely with a book not far away.

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  1. Your grandmother sounds awesome, and a lot like mine (my grandmother is the one who first handed me a copy of Stuart Little, too!). Mine is still alive but she's many states away...I'm hoping to go visit next year.