Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Father's Day 2013 Camp Wilson

For Father's Day this year we "surprised" Dad with a trip to the hills. The plan was to leave Hotchkiss in time to see the sun come up, buuuuuut that didn't happen. Partly due to the fact that the store didn't open until six A.M and we needed to get groceries and partly due to the fact that that is just really early! We were actually up and ready  to go before dad was and we had to go in and wake him up! First. Time. Ever!

We ended up at a place that I have dubbed Camp Wilson. We have camped there in the past including the last family camping trip we took. Many places where we camp have names (The Corals, Wade's Place, Poison Park) and this one didn't have a name, so I named it.

When we first arrived, we set up the fire pit and got it going. Then promptly found a seat around it and waited for the water to boil for chai. Could it get much better than that?! We were sprinkled on off and on (seemed like every time I got my book out, it would start to rain.) and we each took a nap (or two) at some point during our time there.

Each of our country roots were watered and it was hard to leave and head back to the Eastern Slope. It was an amazing way to spend the morning celebrating the man who taught us how to enjoy the mountains and how amazing it is to just sit and be.

I love you Scottie!


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