Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Don't Ya Feeling Cryin'?

Titan Ted is sick and I am in the depths of despair. To get everything fixed that needs fixed it will cost around $1500 and a trip to a Honda dealership. So not a *heart flutter* The worst part is trying to figure out how to go about getting it fixed (if I choose to fix it) and where to get the money.

Kind of how I feel....
So needless to say, I am not in the best of moods today. To add to it, I was looking forward to sitting down and getting lost in Law & Order: SVU on my sister's instant Netflix, and they don't have the season I am on! Just a minor inconvenience I suppose.

Although, on a positive note, I went on a walk today! My new kindred spirit, Cassie has slightly inspired me to get up and move. Although it is not in my goal bank to run, I enjoy the walking. I read (on Pintrest I think) that it doesn't matter if it is a seven minute mile or a seventeen minute mile, it is still a mile. The rat dogs and I did a mile and a half in about 27 minutes! I was pretty excited about that, but wished I had gotten up earlier to partake in such an adventure. We walked around Belmar Park and the dogs did really well. Bailey was nice to all that passed by (she can be a little mouthy.)

So now here I sit on the couch with said Rat Dogs getting ready to watch "Woman on Top" and try to forget about my ailing Titan Ted for the time being. As Sandy always used to say, "At least no one has cancer."

Here's to a better Wednesday afternoon!


  1. Aw, I've never been an inspiration before. :) And I love your quote about a mile is still a mile. And I love Pinterest. While you're house-sitting in FM, if you want a walking buddy, let me know! We could meet after a run if you don't mind walking with a sweaty beast. :)

  2. Oops, I hit publish before I meant to. Also, sorry about the car.

  3. The news about your car is a huge downer. Alex has been getting up at 6 to walk Buster. I got new shoes yesterday and am planning to join him! Maybe not all 3+ miles just yet though.

  4. Another silver lining: you don't owe anything on the car! Good luck with your decision. And good job on the walk!