Saturday, September 21, 2013

Books, Chinese Food and Friends

Officially today is the last day of summer, which means that tomorrow is the first day of FALL! Thank you Sweet Mother of Moses!

I have been able to sleep with the window open at night and cozy up. Now I just need to get more chai and my fall is set! It is also time to get started on that fall bucket list!

Even though today wasn't really fall, it kind of felt like it was and my heart was fluttering with each event the day had to offer.

I started the day with Cassie at the book sale at the library and Goodwill for 50%! Jackpot! I was able to buy several books for my classroom and a few for a good friend who likes silly mysteries. Didn't really find any for myself but that is ok because I have so many books on my bookshelf that need to be read.

I was b-bopping around on blogs and visited Sheila at Book Journey and she has participated in "Saturday Snapshot " from West Metro Mommy. I liked it so I wanted to play along too.
This is my snapshot of the books I got today.
After we hauled our purchases back to the car we headed to Little Bamboo for some tasty lunch and conversation.
The afternoon was ended with a Scentsy party at another friend's house. I have some good nose tickles coming soon!
Not a bad day for the last day of summer. It is about to get better because this kid is going to go take a nap!
Goodbye summer, hello fall!


  1. Hey! Are you making fun of my favorite genre? :D They are so EASY to read and a quick story for a night! See you soon.♥♫

    1. Not at all! It makes it easy to buy you a book!

  2. BOOKS!! Awesome. I ALWAYS mean to get to a local thrift store to looks for some "new" books, and then I never do...thanks for the reminder! And, thanks for linking up with The Blogging Bunch! :)

  3. I need a longer attention span to read more. :)