Sunday, September 1, 2013

Fall 2013 Bucket List

It is September and in my opinion it is the start of fall despite what the weather says. It has been so hot here lately that even some schools in the state have called off school because they don't have ac and it is too hot. My school is blessed with ac so we were learning away.

Fall is my favorite season. I love pretty much EVERYTHING about it. Growing up in western Colorado I was spoiled with fall colors, cool nights, crunchy leaves and the town was flooded with strangers dressed in blaze orange and smelling like they hadn't showered in weeks.

For being such a beautiful place in the fall, I had a really hard time finding a picture.
I guess I am just going to have to go home and take some myself!

I get very homesick for home during the fall. Where I currently live just isn't blessed with as many trees, mountains or as cool of nights.

Since the season has changed, I thought I would make another bucket list since I had so much fun this summer with checking things off. A few items from the summer are being carried over to fall.

Fall 2013 Bucket List
  • Go "home" to Hotchkiss and cure my homesickness
  • Explore Frisco, Colorado
    • Fall will be the perfect time to do this since the colors will be grand and it won't be so hot! We will be able to sit outside to eat, drink and be happy!
  • Make some sort of pumpkin recipe
    • Have you been on Pintrest and typed in pumpkin?
  • Cut out, cook, frost and devour some fall cookies
  • Drink my weight in pumpkin lattes
  • Try to navigate a corn maze
    • Wiggins actually as a corn maze and I have never been! I will not be going to it at night or when scary things could pop out at me!
  • Fall craft
    • I don't have one in mind at the moment, but know that I want to do one
  • Soup Sunday
    • I love soup and fall/winter is a great time to consume soups. So I came up with the idea to make a soup in the crock pot every Sunday and hopefully freeze some of it for those nights when I just don't know what to have for dinner.
  • Pumpkin adult milkshake
  • Go on a fall hike
  • Do some sort of physical activity for 21 of the 30 days of the month
  • Go shooting with the Epples
  • Watch a play
  • Watch "The Great Pumpkin"
So let the fall fun begin!

What is on your list for this fall?

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  1. I'm up for: Hotchkiss, Frisco, crafts, soup, shooting, cookies, watching a play and the hike. Nothing pumpkin flavored for me except pumpkin pie please!