Friday, September 27, 2013


Thank. You. Sweet. Jesus! It has been a long week.

Not only is it Friday today, but the kids have the day off and I get the chance to catch up! We are scheduled to have ILP (Individual Literacy Plans) meetings today and between those meetings, we are free to do what we would like. For me that means tackling my giant pile of papers to grade. So I am going to put in the disc of Law and Order: SVU that I have had from Netflix for weeks and get my grading on.

We are also having a potluck as a staff today. So who is up and cooking at 6:00 this morning? This girl.

I found a corn casserole recipe in my favorite four ingredient cookbook (although this had five, so not sure how it snuck in there.) I have never made it before, but it smells good! I really do need to stop trying new ones and just find one that I always make.

AND I am one lucky girl to again participate in Breakfast Burrito Friday! Love Fridays and celebrating getting through the week!

Do you have a potluck dish you fall back on? If so what is it?

Happy Friday!


  1. YOU found a cute squirrel--are you going to have nightmares now? Hope not! ILP's already?! Time flies so quickly.♥♫

  2. Sounds like you had a nice time planned for last Friday. It's amazing how quickly things can get backed up isn't it? (Says the girl who is finally finding time to do comments from Saturday Showoff ;-) ).