Sunday, September 15, 2013


The computer fairies came last night and as of right now, my computer is fixed!

It has been very busy around here and to top it off, my area of the state is flooding. More of that to come.

I have finally found some time to catch up a little bit on blogging, so here we go!

Last weekend my dad had his annual Grand Sessions for his Masonic group. My sister, Molly, and I are my dad's ladies and so we were there to help him out and represent him. We are by far the youngest there by probably a good 25-30 years but we have a lot of fun.

This is also what we made the rice bags for a few weeks ago as gifts from my sister and I to the other Ladies.

Molly and I got down to Colorado Springs Friday afternoon in time to get ready for the banquet. Fancy dresses, fancy food and lots of speakers and a few awards.

After dinner the awards and speeches began. Now to be honest, I wasn't paying very good attention since I wasn't 100% sure of what they were talking about (I am still learning) until I heard, "this award is given to sisters this year." Well I knew right away that those said sisters were in fact Molly and myself!

We were awarded with the Sweetheart Award given to a Masonic Lady each year.

Sweetheart Award
The General Grand Chapter has introduced a new award for the Ladies of our Royal Arch
Masons. The award was developed by the General Grand High Priest, Emory J. Ferguson,
and is available to Royal Arch Masons as a way to show their appreciation for the support and
encouragement their Ladies have given them throughout the years. The award consists of a
jewel and certificate.
This was such an honor to receive. The High Priest, Peter Doumont, was the one who choose us to receive the award and the most honoring part was that he also choose for my step-mom, Sandy, to also receive the award. My step-sister, Ali, was also there and accepted the award on Sandy's behalf. This is where the tears started to flow. It is nice to know that she has not been forgotten and still was making an impact on people.

It has my name on it! That's all I could think of to say as my acceptance speech! There is a reason I am not getting any Grammies or Oscars!
My dad (in the middle) at his installation to now be the High Priest.
Another fun part of the weekend was seeing my other sisters, my nephews and my mom. Marcus, my five year old nephew got to have a sleep over with us at the hotel. He succeeded in making us feel old! He is so full of energy!
It was a successful weekend even though we were tired by the end. Next year we will be there all four days instead of just two. We get to be in charge! Look out!
Thank you again to Peter for the honor of being a Sweetheart.
I am proud of you and all that you have accomplished. Here is to the upcoming year and all the adventures that come with it!


  1. Congratulations! A very nice honor.♥♫

  2. How fun! And congrats!

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  3. If they only knew the truth about us...