Saturday, September 14, 2013


I am super behind on blogging so I sat down to catch up and my computer has gone on strike! That means I can't read your blogs and I can't write on mine. NOT a *heart flutter*

Of corse my first thought is, "I can't afford a new computer! I could barely afford this one!" I am hoping that I am jumping to the worst option but after talking to my personal tech guy I am not seeing the ray of sunshine.

So as of now I will fall a little more behind until I find a fix. Please don't forget about me during this time! 


  1. Never!!! Hope you can get it worked out soon!

  2. Wow, your computer and mine must be friends! My hard drive crashed! Thank god for IT guy friends :) Hopefully one will be able to save her soon. I hope the same for yours!! :,(