Thursday, October 3, 2013


It is no wonder I am behind both at school and at home, I choose to do things at times when I shouldn't. For example, it is 10:05 and I should be sleeping. I am tired and I do need to get up and get stuff done in the morning, but here I am!

I wanted to get my list post done before I went to bed, so there probably won't be any fancy stuff today. Sorry folks.

List Challenge Day #3 - Activities I'd do if I was brave

  •  Say all the things I have wanted to say to people in my life
  •  Loose weight
  •  Take and pass the PLACE test for ESL
  •  Climb this mountain
This was a lot harder of a list than I thought it would be. I may have to revamp it later when I have some more time to think about it.

Didn't get my mile in today, due to going to kickboxing and book club, but hope to make it up this weekend.

Sorry for the slightly lame post.

What would you do if you were brave?


  1. Activities I would do if I was brave? That is a very big question. I would sell my home of 15 years and move interstate. I live 5 minutes form where I grew up and I am building the courage to move far away.

  2. I have a mental list of things. But I'm not brave enough to post the list

  3. Let someone feed my felines, take care of the yard, and go on a long road trip to PEI. I'm sure there is a ferry to get there!!♥♫