Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fall Bucket List Check Off ~ Go to a Play

Is there a rule in the blogging world that states how many posts you can write in one day? Hope not, because I am doing two today! Look at me go!

I am finally able to mark off an item off of my fall bucket list! On Sunday, I took my little sister to her first dinner theater! We went to see "She Loves Me" which is based off of the movie "Shop Around the Corner" which is what "You've Got Mail" is based on. I adore plays very much and wanted to share that experience with Molly.

For the life of me, I can not take a picture by myself! I am such a dork.


Also on Sunday, I had soup to go with Soup Sunday, but this time I didn't make it. My dear friend Jane made it. I was so jealous because she seriously just threw some stuff in a pot and warmed it up. It. Was. Amazing! Better than any of the ones that I have made from a recipe!

Maybe the soup just tasted so good because it was shared with friends!


  1. This was Molly's FIRST play?! Hope she enjoyed it.♥♫

  2. OR her FIRST dinner theater?!! Either way. Hope it was good.♥♫

  3. Love that you have a Fall Bucket List! What a fun thing to put on the list, too. I really need to get my on paper (AND get going on it) before the season is over!!