Sunday, October 27, 2013

*Snapshot Saturday*

It is 4:04 on Sunday morning (although still feels like Saturday since I haven't been to bed yet!) I just got finished with sweeping the kitchen, changing laundry over and cleaning my desk. I decided I might as well stop fighting trying to go to sleep and use my time wisely.

I am thinking the reason I am not asleep as we speak is the fact that I slept most of the day.

These are my new friends. I had twenty of them but have lost a few in the past few days. I think we might become best friends soon! This is my second round of meds and I am pretty confident that they are going to do the trick. Along with the rest that I have gotten the past two days.
When I wasn't sleeping I was reading "London Bridges" by James Patterson and finished that pretty quickly. Still have about nine more to go to finish the series, but Patterson puts out a book a week, so there could be more.
Hopefully next Saturday I will have a more exciting snapshot, well at least for you, this snapshot excites me a lot!
I also hope to get up my post about Literacy Lunch soon. We have already had three and I am uber excited to share with you all!
What do you do when you can't sleep? Do you do housework or am I just weird?

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  1. Are you taking 3 antibiotics at a time? Or is that your supply for the day? Hope you will be awake during part of Sunday so you will sleep and be ready for school on Monday. You know we're supposed to eat out later this week, so get healthy so you enjoy it!♥♫