Friday, October 4, 2013

Friday Morning Rambles

Happy Friday! We have snow in Colorado...already. Where is my fall? Mother Nature sure can't make up her mind this year. At the beginning of the summer we were on fire and then at the end we were floating away. Now we have winter storm warnings. Sheesh.

Anyway, big weekend ahead! My kindred spirit, Lesley, is marrying her very own Gilbert Blythe!

I am also having a Pintrest fall party with Erica and Bre. Pumpkin tastiness and crafting!

More about each event to come.

List Challenge Day #4 ~ Favorite Animals

My students ask me often what my favorite animal is and I don't really have one. I have animals that I like, but not 100% wild about any of them. These four make me smile.
  • penguins
  • ducks
  • hippos
  • giraffes
Well that's that for today. Breakfast Burrito Friday and it's my turn to buy the goods!

Do you have a favorite animal? (Or am I the only weird one that doesn't have a favorite animal?)


  1. I love Penguins. That's my favorite animal!!!! I wanna know what a pinterest party is though.

    1. Hi Marie! A Pintrest Party (at least in my book) is where you do things you find off of Pintrest. We are going to make food from recipes found on Pintrest and we are also going to do some crafts we have found.

    2. That sounds like so much fun. I would love to do that with my colleagues sometime. I might have to plan that. Thanks for the idea!!!!

  2. Newfoundlands, of course. Although Keith's Elkie is mighty high on the list now. At 7 months she has a mind of her own and it is so funny!♥♫

  3. I think my list includes of course dogs, specially Buster! Owls and I'm sure a few other animals! Happy your friend has found her Gilbert. :-)