Thursday, July 18, 2013

Salida *Heart Flutters*

Every year I look forward to the second weekend of July. That weekend is ALWAYS reserved for a trip to Salida, Colorado no matter what. I become like a mosquito at a nude beach when it comes to this weekend!

This year the whole family was able to make the trip and enjoy some time together. We shopped, sat at the local coffee shop, played in the water, and remembered our mom/step-mom/wife/grandma and celebrated who she was.

Our trip in *heart flutter* pictures.

Sisters to explore, sip lattes and just be with.

Coffee house doodles on snail mail

 What I call "Kermit the Frog Bikes" EVERYWHERE. If I were to move here, I would have to get myself one of these, making sure that it had a basket!


 Aunts that will explore in the creek with sweet nephews.

Aunts that nephews trust completely.
Grandpas that are the only one to get the little one to stop squirming with a song.
New games to play at the local coffee shop with a nice cup o hot chocolate
Sweet nephew loves
Naps that knock your socks off and cause you to drool
Signs that make you laugh out loud
And signs with gentle reminders
(this picture and I got in a fight and I can't seem to get it changed. If you can't read what it says under stop, it says "Gossiping")


  1. You are making me want to take a road trip to Salida and spend another night there sometime. Love the stop signs.♥♫

  2. Fun times! Your nephews are getting so big. And they are adorable.

  3. I love your simile (mosquito at a nude beach). Glad you had a good trip!