Friday, December 6, 2013

Forbidden Fruit

One of my favorite childhood memories is…ok more than one, would be the time that I spent in the mountains with my family. There are so many stories that I am not sure that I can just pick one, or even remember all the details.

This is what we hoped the mountains would look like!
The moment that the snow was no longer on Lamborn and Landsend, we could head for the hills. Whenever I asked dad when we could go he always told me to look at the mountains, when the snow was gone, then we could go. Then every weekend from that point until the last second we would go to the hills, leaving Friday night after work and coming home Sunday evening.

We were lucky enough to leave our slide-in-camper on private property and this is where we grew up camping until sadly that property was sold.

I learned how to start a fire, was dishes while camping, how to squat behind a bush, that coyotes were more scared of you than you are of them, that rocks can look like bears, not to climb on gates, that it is easier for guys to pee on a fire than it is for girls, what stinging needle is, rotten-meat-dog-farts are the worst, the difference between an elk and a cow, and how amazing it is to just sit and be while in the mountains.

Not THE red gate, but a relative.
Probably the most favorite memory that we get a laugh out of the most is the time that my sister and I climbed on the gate when we were told not to do so. The owner of the property had just replaced and painted the gate that went across the road that lead to his personal cabin. We were told not to climb on it, and I am convinced that if Dad hadn't said anything, we wouldn't have even thought about such a thing. Can you say forbidden fruit? We were like moths to a flame and went for a "walk." This walk ended up down at the gate, which we promptly climbed on. Little did we know and forget that my dad has been paid to stalk and hunt prey. He too went on a little walk of his own through the trees and watched us do the exact thing he had told us not to do.

Once we got our fill of being a rebel, we headed back to camp. Dad was sitting in a chair just chillin. We thought we were in the clear. Wrong again. We were totally busted. That was the last time that my dad spanked me.

Molly or I never climbed on a gate again.

This has been a Finish The Sentence Friday post. The sentence is “One of my favorite childhood memories is…” brought to you by Finding Ninee.


  1. I literally JUST wrote this on my blog, so it's fresh in my mind...One of my favorite childhood memories is setting out hay for the reindeer, then waking up to see the hay gone and hoofprints all over the yard (courtesy of my dad, who would use a deer hoof).

    Also, I love how all Western slopers call the mountains "the hills."

    1. So glad that you understand "the hills." What a sweet story about your dad. They always seem to make life a little bit better!

  2. Total forbidden fruit and think whenever I was told to not do something when I was younger it only made me want to do it that much more. I will so have to remember this with my girls as they are growing up now. Thanks for sharing and linking up with us this week!! :)

    1. Strange enough, I think we do the same things as adults! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  3. I love all the things you learnt from camping! Lol what amazing weekends you had when there wasn't snow on the mountains.

  4. It's amazing how many minute things we learn doing things that aren't "everyday." I went camping with my family when I was a child (not quite like your experiences). While I don't need to know how to build a campfire in my day to day, I still have that knowledge somewhere. Perhaps I'll use it someday if I can convince my husband to go camping with our kids.