Tuesday, December 31, 2013

*Heart Flutter* Funnies

Ok these commercials CRACK. ME. UP! I love how real they are! This one might be my favorite because it reminds me of one of my *heart flutter* students that I had last year.

I love teaching fourth grade, but they just aren't as funny as the first graders I taught my first two years. They try to be funny, and think they are funny, but....sometimes the miss the mark. First graders don't try and are often serious and then you get in trouble for laughing!

Thankfully I have some friends who have little kids who can keep me in the laughing world. I have two stories to share about one of my friend's four year old son.

Before Christmas I was talking to his mom about our up coming book club white elephant Christmas party. I was telling her that she needed to bring a white elephant gift and he very concerned cried out, "But we don't have a white elephant!"

Today we met for lunch and I asked the kids what they were going to do to ring in the new year. I was greeted with blank stares, here is our conversation:

Me: Today is 2013 and tomorrow will be 2014 and people stay up until midnight and count down then yell "Happy New Year!"
Boy: That sounds like a good idea. Mom, we should do that!

It just cracked us up! (It may have to been one of those things that you had to be there to fully understand the beauty of the conversation.)

Do you have any "kids say the darndest things" moments? I'd love to hear them!


  1. Those commercials make me laugh!!!

  2. I may have told you this before but it is absolutely one of my most favorite things Wyatt has ever said. Him and I were talking about his day at preschool and he was telling me about Jose.
    Wyatt "You know Jose, mom. The black kid."
    Me "Oh honey, he's not black. Jose is from Mexico, he is a Mexican. His skin is just dark."
    Wyatt (without missing a beat) "No mom! I'm pretty sure he's from China!"
    I love that kid!