Sunday, December 29, 2013

Weekly Plans

It's me again! Eager to blog and say something, but slightly lacking a topic. I decided that not only do teachers and students take two weeks off for the holiday season, so does the blog world! I have missed "Finish the Sentence Friday" and reading other people's blogs that appear to be either busy or taking it easy. Thankfully Top Ten Tuesday is still up and running!

I have enjoyed my first week of break thus far and am looking forward to the second half. I seem to have been pretty busy the first week getting ready for Christmas, traveling and Christmas itself. Thankfully the second half is still pretty open.

Here are a few things I plan to do in the up coming week:

This year I have had a lot of my classroom books fall completely apart (sadly some of them have been my favorite books!) and while I am sad about this, it gives me some crafting supplies that I would feel really bad about throwing away! I am going to cover an old coffee table with said book pages and put it in my classroom in the reading area. Thanks to Mod Podge Rocks for the constant inspiration.

Get started on my Sweet Summer Fling with the first book of the year followed by the movie. It has been torture for me to not get started already, but I am holding strong and waiting for January 1st!

Host the first book club of the year! Book club is probably one of my all time favorite things I have in my life! It was the first social thing I did when I moved to this little town on the plains! I have been the youngest member of this club for the past six years and have learned so much! I hold all of the people in the club close to my heart and look forward to seeing them all each month! Hosting it  at my house is a great reason to get my house cleaned!

How about you? Are you off this week? Are you working? What are your plans?


  1. I am a stay-at-home mom (even though my 19yo has her own apartment and my 17yo with cerebral palsy is back in school instead of homeschooling). So, this Christmas break thing is whole different animal. Everyone is home. No one wants to share the TV (and it's ALWAYS on) or the kitchen (they ALWAYS leave a mess). I crave peace and space!!! But, today, I organized 10 years of loose pictures that I've been just randomly throwing in a box. It felt great!!

  2. More painting, more laundry, more cleaning. And I indulged and have two new tea time magazInes to look at!! Thanks for hosting book club this week!!!!♥♫