Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Fictional Man Meat

This is me.
This is also me!
I guess I am pretty vocal about fictional characters that I love, because two separate people sent me these. Tonight, Cassie commented on my book wish list from Santa and that sparked a conversation for a blog post. I actually came up with a list of ten fictional characters that I wouldn't mind sitting on the porch swing watching the sun go down or meeting under the mistletoe.

The first boy I remember falling in love with was Travis Coates from Old Yeller. My fourth grade teacher read us Old Yeller and my friend Erik and I played Old Yeller at the park many times. I can't fully remember why I love him, I just knew that I did!

Shiloh Irons...be still my beating heart! A knight in shinning armor 100%. I know that I fell in love with Shiloh because he was always protecting Cheney Duvall. Tall, blonde and blue eyes and full of manlyness! I know he is the reason I kept reading the whole series and plan to reread it during Reread 2015.

James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser. Oh wow. So strong. So handsome. So EVERYTHING!  He fights for what he believes in and for what he loves. He too is a knight in shining armor and saves the day. I would love to have him whisper sweet nothings in my year every day of his life.

Peter Pevensie from Chronicles of Narnia. Peter is the leader. The one in charge of making sure his brother and sisters are safe. Does he screw up. Yeah, he does. He lets his responsibility go to his head (like all older siblings do. Sorry Molly) and he doesn't treat Edmund very well, which leads them all on their adventure. So without his power struggle, there wouldn't be a story. In the end, they unit as one and defeat the witch.

Donnigan Harrison is a lonely farmer/rancher who simply doesn't want to be alone. He orders a bride and then learns to love her after she arrives. He is a kind, gentle man but strong when he needs to be. It has been awhile since I have spent time with Donnigan, so I can't give too much reason as why I fell in love with him, just know that I did.
Michael Hosea. Oh Michael Hosea, you may take the prize for the most amazing man in fictional history. The love that Michael has for Sarah/Angel just melts your heart. Like the other men, he rescues his love, even when she doesn't want to be rescued. No matter how nasty she is to him, Michael keeps on loving her.
John Tyree from Dear John. Now, let it be known that I loved John before Channing Tatum played him in the movie. Although it didn't hurt his case any! Writing letter is something that I enjoy tremendously and I love to get letters. A man who writes letters? Yes please!
Elliot Stabler from Law and Order: SVU. Ok, he isn't from a book, but I love him just the same. He is angry, he is dedicated and he can take down a perp like a boss! I don't call the show Law and Order, I call it Elliot. My heart broke when he didn't return to the show a few years ago, but I still have hope for his return.
Nick Miller from New Girl. I. Love. Nick. Miller. I can't really tell you why on this one. I just do. He makes me laugh. I don't care if he is sometimes angry, makes a turtle face and can have the ambition of a wet mop. He has some real wisdom when it is needed and he loves Jess. 
Saved my best for last!
Gilbert Blythe from Anne of Green Gables.

Anne Shirley is a darn fool for taking so long to let Gilbert love her! He is the classic guy that your parents told you that if they tease you they like you kind of guy. Sadly, for him, he picked to tease Anne about her hair and she didn't talk to him for a long time, even after he said he was sorry. Yet, he didn't give up on her. He showed her true love when he gave up his teaching job so she could take it and be with Marilla. Some day, I will find my Gilbert and live in our house of dreams!

Wow! That was a lot harder than I thought it would be to write! I knew all the men, just writing the reasons was a struggle. I find it hard to say why I like something or dislike something. I just like it! Anyway, check some of these men out and let me know what you think!


  1. This is a good list! I always liked Gilber Blythe as well. That smile! I think you like Nick because he has a good sense of humor and really does try to do the right thing even if it takes him a while to get there. I like all the guys on The New Girl except Winston. They have made his character so weird. I've never read Old Yeller and haven't been required to do so. It's a good thing because I think it's too sad.

    1. Gilbert does have a spectacular smile. And he just loves Anne so much!!