Sunday, December 7, 2014

Santa Clause Might Be Coming to Visit

I think I heard a rumor that Santa might be coming to town soon. If this is the case, I would like to tell him again the top ten books I wouldn't mind him dropping off on his way over Wiggins (or where ever I will be sleeping that night!)
 Last year, I feel I gave him my list too late and none of them came to live in my house. You can check out that list here. I did manage to get my hands on A Painted Veil not too long ago through Paperback Swap and have it on my Reread 2015 book list.

This is the only one that is making the list again from last year. I kind of forgot about it until I reread last year's list. Still think it would be fun to have and useful for writing.
This happens to be one of my favorite movies EVER! Seeing it at Red Rocks was outstanding! (You can read about that here.) So of course I would want to read this book!
My dad gave me this book when I was young and I don't know where my copy is anymore. It still could be at my childhood home, but until it is found, I wouldn't mind a second copy.
Charles Martin is writing books faster than I can get them read! I have enjoyed all of the ones that I have read by him. Need to finish out my collection.
Meg Cabot cracks me up! I enjoyed her "Boy" series and will most likely like this one too!
Read about this one on a blog awhile ago and would like to read it. Hope to share it with my students also.
I love James Patterson's murder mystery books best, but I do like his romance ones also. It has been awhile since I have read one of his, so it might be time!
Have I mentioned that I am in love with Gilbert Blythe?

I think that is a pretty good list. I don't want Santa's bag to get too heavy! 
What book do you hope Santa brings you this year?


  1. I love Gilbert, too. Is it weird to have a crush on a fictional character? Because I totally did.

    1. Not. At. All! Natalie Lloyd (author of A Snicker of Magic) also has a crush on him. She posted the other day that her perfect man was a cross between Gilbert and Carl from Up. She is a kindred spirit.
      Might have to have a date with Mr. Amazing over Christmas break!